Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Project Sneak Peek, Million Dollar Ocean Views

Good morning,

I have two current projects which are getting close to completion, which means close to reveal. Exciting!

Today I want to share with you a little bit more of one that I started to reveal. It is a great example of the power of paint, removing walls and selecting the right lighting options which literally takes 10 years or more off your space.

Don't be afraid to go neutral and white, it is my favorite thing in the world. For me there is nothing better than a bright light space, and if you have the kind of view my client does that doesn't hurt either;).

In my last post I talked about removing walls and how much of a difference that makes, well take a look at the lighting and furnishing of that space which instead of taking away the amazing million dollar view, actually opens the space right up to nothing BUT that view.


The dark trim, over done drapes, lack of lighting, faux finish on the walls, terrible engineering which put the entire kitchen behind a wall blocking the entire ocean view made for one big hot mess! This trend continued throughout the entire unit.

For this one, I had to remove the kitchen wall and completely relocate the plumbing column which runs through the entire building. I also had to drop the ceilings about 3-5" total in order to add lighting and electrical since Florida beach condos are made of concrete! It has been quite the process.

Here is a look at the progression with some I-phone pics that I snapped up, clearly not top grade, but they will have to do.


This neutral and white palette and low sleek furnishings make the view the center stage here. I removed all moldings for a more contemporary look, and added strategic high hat and decorative lighting throughout. I am still waiting on the draperies and a few accent pieces, but the change to this project is undeniably awesome!

Can't wait to reveal more of it.

Stay tuned for an entirely different project of sorts. I am hoping to show you in the coming week or so.