Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Lovin, Having A Blast!


Well, we've been traveling allot lately which has been a nice retreat. The kids have been out of school, I've had family in town, my projects luckily are ending and beginning all at the perfect time, and we just got back from a trip to Costa Rica where I uh hem, surfed! FINALLY!

** Costa Rica Summer 2013

Needless to say, I'm feeling good my friends. Now of coarse I have to get back to work which is well needed after the holidays and the spending, but I'm still in a summer kinda mood.

I figure I'll kick blogging back off with some sunshine state love. Summer from me to you:)

I literally ADORE that sequin pillow on the casual seating. Leave it to me to love me some sequins.

When we were in Costa Rica last week they were selling these amazing scalloped hammocks for only $50!!! I waned one so bad I could taste it, but then Rob the blob told me we had no where to hang it:( This was true, but I may creatively work one in one day.

This little set up is my yard crush dream yard, of coarse mixed with the sequin pillows above. The modern concrete and pool style are what I'm aiming for in our upcoming pool design. To be continued.
I just ordered this Holy Chic pillow from Joss and Main. I'm in love with all things sparkle, gold and catch phrase these days which is both in home decor and fashion alike. **Sorry it is a limited supply and last I checked they were sold out.

This living room design is one of my own projects that you can see more of here. This client had such a love of beachy drift wood silver havin coral displaying goodness that her home just screams "breath of fresh beach air"

This was my 4th of July outfit inspiration. With the flag, jean cut offs and Coca Cola need I say more?!

I love high waisted shorts this season. They are so cute and easy to wear. Here in Florida they have been a summer staple for me both day and dressed up at night.

I would love to blow this image up and hang it on the wall in my daughters room, and I just may do that!

Colorful and casual. I love the use of the Asian inspired media console and the low laying cushions. This is a place to bunker down in and read a book. Mmmmm!

This is a hair country chic, but I can dig it. I would love to transform my mom's sun porch in Utah so that she could sit there and enjoy herself some down time. Love it!

Why oh, why can't Robert just read my mind and create this lovely little place for the two of us to share champagne and stone crabs from the famed Miami Beach Joe's Stone Crab (take out of coarse!)

This happy little outdoor area again pays a bit of nostalgia to my Utah roots where is is pleasant to sit outside in the evenings under some cute cafe lights and enjoy the cooler air at night. Can you tell I'ma bit home sick lately??

So, now that I've enticed you back with some happy and very summery images I hope you'll still want to stay tuned for what will be coming back to The Cuban In My Coffee soon.

Here's what you can expect to see:

-Portfolio Pics coming soon for my most recent project which I've only shown you a few Sneak Peaks of (sorry about that).
-Upcoming Home Office Makeover. It's a fantastic one.
-Upcoming Home Makeover and Project Reveal for a 5,000SF home.
-There will also be some happenings around here. Front Yard and drive way reveal, landscaping the front yard garden/terrace, backyard refurnish and pool coming soon, more art and accessory changes, and the typical usual Whitney changing the house AGAIN when I'm in need of a lil something new.

Summer has been a nice retreat from the stresses of work and the stresses of life, but it's time to get back to business and especially back to blogging. I've had requests and complaints from some of you missing my posting which always makes my day.  I hope you'll come back along with me and continue to enjoy The Cuban In My Coffee;)