Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It All Started With Joss and Main...Teen Room Makeover Part I

Good morning,

As things go in my life of design I am exposed to a constant flow of creativity and inspiration. My likes and tastes evolve and change all the time as does my budget. Around this house my family is no stranger to the rotation of old and new. I like to say it keeps things fresh. Although I hope my sweet family agree the one thing that's for sure is that there is no stopping me.

Well, it all started with Joss and Main. If you're unfamiliar with this site, they are fantastic and offer varying sales and flash sales on amazing finds for the home where you can find anything from pillows and bedding to rugs and furnishings. Check it out if you haven't already. It was here that I found the inspiration to finish Amanda's room.

When I saw this amazing Skyline headboard for only $253.95 on Joss and Main I knew she needed had to have it.

And so it began. Once the head board arrived it was perfect and stunning and definitely right for this teen girl's bedroom, but I love that it can easily transition in to her adulthood.

**My rule of thumb when I do kid spaces is to select neutral pieces that can grow with them and be changed by simply adding pillows or bedding. I also don't select overly "childish" items which make it difficult and costly as the child gets older to replace.

Here is the design scheme that this head board put in to action. 

Before you think I'm completely crazy for changing this room again, let me tell you that that majority of the pieces are already owned.

Take a look at Amanda's room before:

Amanda's new scheme:

Let's break down Amanda's room with this board that shows you what I have already and what is new. It is a good way to demonstrate how you can be creative with what you have.

I have to chuckle at myself here. Let me be clear that as I said from the beginning this room has always been a hodge podge of random items that I've mostly recycled.The bed was our old guest bed that I made a DIY Upholstered Head Board for. The white end table was also from my guest room a DIY Ikea Lack Hack that I made before. The mirrors are from my bedroom before which I painted silver in this DIY Painted Quatrefoil Mirror. The mirrored night stand is re-purposed from my closet makeover Dream Closet Makeover . Even the chevron chair was brought in from my office makeover Who Says Chevron Is Over.

Another tip for freshening or redoing your space is to look within your own home for accessories and art. You can rearrange and move things around which also keeps things new and fresh. I've rotated things from my living room, to my kids rooms, to my office and back again. Don't be afraid to switch things up. I don't prefer static things in decor. So be creative and you can find fun and new ways to recycle what you have.

In this case the only new items for this room are the head board, which attached perfectly to my existing bed frame, the rug, the bedding, and one additional nightstand since I already had the one. I also took existing drapes and added one panel of a stunning (and affordable) fascia silk to each side which reused what I had and gave the room another element of color.

Hopefully I can reveal the room this week, but I am still waiting on a couple items. I'll also talk about my other daughter's room and how once she saw things change in her sister's room decided to tell me that her room looked like an old lady lives there. So sweet of her, sweet enough that I updated a couple minor things in her room as well. Ha!

Happy Tuesday and I would love to hear what you do to reuse and refresh your own rooms~