Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Tree Time

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Good morning,

It should come as no surprise to you that I'm a huge fan of Christmas, and an even bigger fan of decorating for it. I FINALLY bought a pre let tree, and this sucker is huge at 10' tall. I almost wondered if it was too tall, but quickly shooed that idea out of my mind:) I don't know how I strung all those lights every year when all we have to do now is hit a button, best thing ever. I love the idea of real trees, but I find that they don't last here in Florida. I also use pine scented plug ins so our house smells like a pine tree, Ha!

This year I changed things up just a bit and added some red to our typical white, silver and black tree of years past because my daughter asked me why we don't have "Christmas colors" in our house. I also added some deep purple hues and more white.

Here is our red, white, silver and plum tree (with some touches of black).

**Look how tiny Lola looks under the tree. She's there all the time!

Not being much of a traditionalist adding red was a stretch for me, but I'm loving the mix that the red and plum shades added to our decor. I also carried it in it other rooms to tie it together. I believe in a very maximum approach to decorating the tree. More is more in my opinion! My family jokes that it's going to fall over if I keep adding to it, but I call their bluff and so far she's still standing tall.

A Couple of additions this year were more crystal sticks found at Z Gallery here, white feather balls found at Wal Mart for only $1.99 each, plum ornaments found in bulk at Target,  and cranberry sprays that I took from an old wreath that I disassembled.
My tips for creating a beautiful designer tree are:

 Know what you want your tree to look like. I like to work with couple or a few colors and coordinate with them.

Make sure your tree is well lit! This is a big one so if you don't have a pre lit tree like myself, give all your branches ample lighting. You want that sucker to sparkle.

Add layers upon layers. I like to add branches, ribbon,  ball ornaments, sprays, different ornaments, crystals, garland, AND the kitchen sink to our tree, but that's just me.

Think outside the box. I've used star fish on the tree, I've taken items from around the house and added them to the tree, I've made our own ornaments, and I also save ribbon from Christmas presents and added bows to the branches. There are many ways to decorate that don't have to cost a fortune so get creative.

Coordinate with other things in the room or house. I will show you more of what I'm doing soon, but be assured that I add elsewhere such as the entry console, sofa pillows, windows, candles, bathroom etc to make our house decked out.

Here are some other beautiful Christmas trees to give you the inspiration you may need to deck your halls and turn on the Christmas cheer.

If you haven't put your tree up yet, you better get! Enjoy your weekend and I'll reveal more of our Christmas and holiday decor soon~



  1. Hi Whitney <3

    Thank you for your comment on my foyer decorating post.

    Here are some photos of the foyer, while it was still under construction.


  2. Love the tree and decorations! I thought mine looked OK until I saw this.... I'm heading back to the stores for more stuff!LOL

  3. Thanks B and Vivian, and LOL. I would love to see how your tree looks after round 2 Viv:)Make sure to show me.

    B! I love your house too! I jusst commented on your entry post. I hope it helps.


  4. Thank you Whitney <3

    What colour x bench would you recommend?