Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Project Sneek Peak, Custom Lighting Design Done Very Right

Recently while shopping for my current project I came across a light, and when I saw this light I had a moment of "ahhhhh" where the clouds parted and the skies became blue with sun rays bursting all over the place. Has this ever happened to you? I call this a "design crush".

It sometimes happens that these "design crushes" real as they may be end up becoming a cross roads of sorts. This is due to the "do I buy the chandelier that is well over $10k or do I install the new stair case????". It all depends on the budget at the end of the day and in this case I had to make a judgement call and go for the stairs. That doesn't mean however that I wanted to rule out my "design crush" all together, but rather where there's a will there's a way. So in true Whitney form I had to figure out how to create an amazing fixture that delivered the "WOW" affect, but also came in a price range that I could justify (i.e. around half the price of my crush).

And so.....I did! Ha! I designed a custom light fixture with 16 blown glass pendants, and a custom 36" canopy for the foyer. I am lucky enough to work with an amazing lighting designer (who I've worked with for years), and the results are absolutely stunning. It exceeded my expectations, though I won't say it was easy. It was in fact the exact opposite and required multiple trips to the designer, careful design and structure, a VERY difficult installation with a 3 story scaffolding, lots of sweat but is also one of my favorite design moments of all time!

Take a look at the light as you walk in the door.

And just in case you got too big for your britches and thought it wasn't worth it, here is the previous light fixture.



Now, there's still that notably awful arched window at the entrance that needs a complete face lift and so shall it be, but in the mean time this new 16' tall fixture with amber and silver glass pendants is just stunning and completes the look of the new and improved stairs and foyer.

What do you think of the new custom chandelier? You as in LOVE with it as I am??


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Amazing! Stunning! Love, love, love!! The staircase is beautiful also. Love the combo!

  2. Thanks Vivian!!! I am extremely proud if this light, and it took allot of time and effort to make it happen. I hope to reveal better pictures of it soon.