Thursday, November 7, 2013

Design For Less At Target

Good morning,

I recently received the new Pottery Barn Teen catalog, and came across one of their new collections featuring the Maison Gold Dottie Bedroom and fell in love. Take a look.

 I love the whimsy of this room, and more importantly I love that gold unicorn!

I am such a fan of an animal head here or there. I use them to hang awards, scarfs or necklaces from. They just make the prettiest little vignettes, don't you think?

Well, sadly this guy is $99 and I wasn't about to spend that so I held off.

I just happened to go to Target and saw all of their new holiday decor (YAAAAY!), when I found what I thought to be a suitable alternative.

You can see the entire collection from Threshold here. Now I know they aren't unicorns, but at prices from $19.99-$39.99 and in the finishes of all white or gold and silver antlers they will do the job just fine. I settled on the mounted horns in gold as shown above for only $19.99. I needed them to complete a little area beside my daughter's bed, and that they did!. I modified them a bit by gluing a flower to them just to make them even better. 

Take a look at the finished product.

The horns were only $19.99 and the chalk board I found on clearance for $7.00 years ago and spray painted it gold.

 I'll probably put her toy basket underneath when it's all said and done which still works with the colors and contains all her toys and "stuff".

Though I still love the unicorn this works and it saved me $80 bucks! I'll take that any day.

As all the holiday collections at Target go, they sell out fast. If you want your own budget worthy "stag head collection", you better go quickly before they're all gone.

Next up in Isabella's mini room makeover, the striped ceiling which was actually painted twice.

**Spoiler alert, there's a new chandelier! Here's your sneak peek.

Until next time.

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