Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Update: Paint Your Window Frames With Spray Paint!

Happy Friday!

Did you know that you can actually spray paint your window frames on the outside OR inside of your house?

This is a little too good to be true for me since we did a garage addition with new hurricane proof windows and bronze window panels, but haven't quite mustered up to replacing the rest of our windows. The result makes our nicely done addition look a little bit "off", and since it's a garage addition the last thing we wanted is for it to look any more "off" than it has to.

Let's take a look down memory lane with our house's transition from before until now and then I'll give you a quick and easy "How To" so that you can take this extended weekend and put some love on your very own update.

Here was our home when we started this journey.

There she was in all her yellow madness with her decorative trim, white garage and white windows. She had a pond/fountain just nice enough to serve as a frog mating pool, she had a teeny tiny drive way with a ton of useless grass, and she had a whole lot of fugly going on.

So things had to transition. Walls went up, block went in, concrete was poured and she lost her white garage, green grass and teeny tiny drive way....and gained a new master en-suite.

She was looking really nice and clean and modern even though the landscaping could be beefed up a bit. The only thing in this moment that really has always bothered me are the new window frames vs. the old white window frames (eye sore and a half!) Right now we don't have the budget to replace the rest of the windows so paint will have to do.
Off to Home Depot I went to find the best solution. I was told that this is the way to go.
Yup, this is spray paint my friends! It is Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic Spray Paint which paints wood  and plastic, and yes metal!
Are you ready for the easy part?
**Special Tip: The first step for us was to remove the checkered window frame that was inside of the window itself. It is outdated and unnecessary. ESPECIALLY in modern designs. If you have this and want to remove it you can easily do so by placing razor blade knife under the frame and pulling them off piece by piece. Scrape the excess glue and done! I've don't this on several projects and it really changes the look of the space. It's little work for a big bang style wise.

Here is your super easy step by step to spray painting your window frames:

-Tape newspaper all over the window and the surrounding wall with painters tape. Remember that spray paint has over spray. 
-Paint the sides of the window frame in light coats never holding the can too close to the frame which can cause dripping.
-Apply 2-3 coats letting it dry a few minutes in between each coat.
-Remove paper.

There are new drapes going in the addition soon, so I will post about that one soon which will also make the windows look more uniform from the outside of the house.
I am so relieved to have this little easy project out of the way. What a great way to polish up the outside of the house with little cost and effort.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend~


  1. Wow! I am impressed. Such a simple idea to execute and it produces marvelous results. I've been wanting to upgrade the look of my house exterior and this makes yours pop! I never would have thought of using spray paint to achieve this look, I thought I would have to replace the windows. Great job!

  2. Outstanding transformation! What are the dimensions of the forms and distance between the concrete pavers on your driveway? I am interested in doing something similar for my backyard with artificial grass in between.