Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Style Stand Off: Stylish Day Bed Seating

Good morning,

I got back on Monday from a lovely trip for 2 that Mr. R. surprised me with to San Francisco for my birthday. BEST husband ever! We left Friday morning and had an amazing time in the city that I used to call home <3

Yesterday was a day of catch up, and now today we're back to business.

I have been working with a client who needs to replace some seating in her living room. The challenge here is that she has a frisky little cat who LOVES the feeling of the linen that our previous chairs were upholstered in, and she absolutely made her mark on them. Hence they need some replacing.

We want something stylish for this grand living room, but also something that little kitty won't sink her claws in to again which rules out linen upholstery.

Here are the options in this week's Style Stand Off: Stylish Day Bed Seating:

Barcelona Day Bed:

I am a sucker for the Barcelona day bed by Knoll which was designed in 1930 and gained much popularity around 1953. I love pieces with a bit of history to them, and this one is no exception to that. With it's sleek design, soft leather upholstery, organic wood frame and its endless versatility you really can't go wrong. This is a bit of a push for my admittedly traditional client, but it is perfect for entertaining and can be made to work in an endless array of styles. The best part of all? Mr Kitty isn't drawn to leather!


Presidio Settee:

The other option for this room is the Presidio Settee  from William Sonoma. This stylish little settee is also a day bed type piece, but with it's clever arm rests on either side it provides you with a place to lean on. It is available in a wide variety of colors and textiles including leather. Since there are other options than linen it also serves as a solution to Mrs. Kitty and her clawish ways.

 **Some images are not the actual Presidio settee, but they have the feeling and style of what we are going for so I included them for reference.

The question here is what would you choose? Do you prefer the transitional style of the Barcelona day bed with it's hints of modern style all cozied up, or would you play it safe and go to the Presidio Settee and stick with something upholstered with arms on the sides?
Me? I just prefer something that Mrs. Kitty won't destroy again. She's lucky to have such a patient and loving owners!


  1. Personally, I like both. However the Presidio is a little more useful especially if they like to entertain. I think the arms are a little more comfortable while trying to sit, talk and entertain.

  2. Hi Minniemousemiami!

    thanks and good looking out on the arm rests. I tend to forgo function for style a bit too often, however with the Barcelona day bed it offers great seating (as opposed to lounging) for parties...and could be a bed for out of town guests or at least that's what I'm telling myself.