Monday, January 28, 2013

Would You Do Emerald Green?

Good morning,

I've been meaning to talk about Pantone's Color Of The Year.....Emerald Green!

Now, I have to admit that I've never been the biggest fan in the world on green, and if any of you follow me you would recognize my admittedly neutral base that makes my heart sing and grounds my designs. But I don't know, there is something about this new take on emerald green that draws me in. There is something so rich and luxe and I dig it! So I had to ask myself, could I do emerald green?

Maybe a small dose of it such as these luxe curtains. 

Or a beautiful vase, or two, or three or four. 

Maybe just a mirror would do, though I prefer mine shiny and lacquered.

Then it gets serious! What about painting just some of the wall in emerald? This room makes my pulse race, and I WANT THAT BULL!

I don't have a library, but if I did could it be green and next to that amazing carpet?

What about emerald green kitchen cabinets? This one might be a stretch for me, but it would look amazing with brass light fixtures.

There isn't anything not to like about this room, and I love the feather hat hung proudly in pink on the wall.Yum!

Could you go over the top, literally with this emerald green ceiling in an all white room?

What about an emerald green dress like this dress from

While I don't think I will be painting my walls green this year, there will definitely be some emerald green coming in to this house. I have my eyes on some emerald green agate book ends, and I'm sure there will be some green additions to my wardrobe so I'm definitely loving this color.

The bigger question here is, would you do emerald green? Do tell. Happy Monday!


  1. I feel like I would more likely to do emerald in a fashion sense rather than interiors. But I do love the emerald vases, those are cute!

  2. Hi Kristen, I feel you sister! Funny enough though after I did this post I looked over at the emerald green blanket at the foot of my bed and moved it to a better location! Didn't even realize I was so in style for 2013, so you never know LOL.