Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Very Own LACK Hack

Good morning,

Recently I have been updating my older daughter's room which I will reveal to you soon. I decided to take the LACK nightstand/end table that I made for our guest room as seen here and move it to my daughter's room. It has a nice scale and style and is perfect for her new space.

I want to share with you the "how to" for this amazing project that I originally saw on clementine and olive . This is a must if you are a fan of nail head trim furniture, simple DIY projects, and just need a stylish table of your own. You can find designer versions such as Clayton Grey, but they will run you around $450 which is pretty extreme. In this case, I took the lovely budget queue and made one of my own using 2 LACK tables from Ikea and some nail head trim.

Take a look at my LACK hack night stand and just a peek at my daughter's new room.

**It should be noted that I really rushed through this table much to the dismay of Mr. R and had I have taken time to place the trim I could have gotten it much more precise i.e. straight.  

For this project you will need:

-2 Ikea LACK tables (for 1 end table or night stand)
-2 rolls of nail head trim. I found mine at Joanne's Crafts and used the roll to keep it straight.
-1 rubber mallet for the nail heads. You can use a hammer but it will dent and scratch your trim.
-2 long screws to attach the base of the 2nd table. I measured by looking at what we had already, but I assume you would need about a 3" screw. Simply measure your table top for the thickness. 

To do this very easy hack you simply assemble 1 of your LACK tables and turn it upside down. Take the top from your other LACK table and screw directly through the table at the corners attaching that top to the legs of your assembled table. Lastly take your rolls of nail heads and attach them starting at the corners. That's it!!! So simple!!! Thank you clementine and olive for your amazing hack! 

**It should also be noted that she attached her nail heads to the unassembled top and base and said that she would not do it that way if she did this again. I found it easier to assemble the entire table first and then add the trim.

Here is the version from Clementine and Olive  which shows the same project with the dark nail heads which also look beautiful as another option to my chromed up version. You will also see that she took time with hers and made them nice and straight which I should have done!

I hope to finish her room this week and reveal the rest soon. It is clean, uncluttered and perfect for
this cool teen in need of a grown up room. 

What do you think of this LACK hack? I'm sure it's not the first time you've seen it, but man was it easy and perrrrty! If you've seen it and second guessed it, don't! It is the most simple hack out there.

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