Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DIY Painted Quatrefoil Mirror

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Since things are ALWAYS changing and moving around here at the Perez house it's always fun when I get to reuse what I have in a new way or a new room and see it completely different. That's the beauty of rotating things folks.

Today I want to share with you the new look on the Lowe's quatre foil mirrors that I used to have hanging above my night stands. Remember this?

Well, the beautiful mirror in the picture can be found at Lowe's for only $64.97 here .

When I redid the master bedroom those mirrors went. Remember the new master bedroom and night stands here?

So what may you ask happened to those lovely quatre foil mirrors? I used them in my daughters new room of coarse! See, I recycle. The only catch is that the black didn't quite work, especially when this was my inspiration.

So, I DIY-ed them up a bit with a nice silver metallic paint. Normally I would spray paint a frame, however in this case I had no silver spray paint on hand and taping off the rounded edges was a pain so I used what I had and sponged on some good ol Martha Stewart brand paint. Why a sponge you may ask??? Well, that's also what I had so I made it work. Here is my tutorial for a quick inexpensive way to get a silver painted quatre foil mirror.

What you'll need:

Martha Steward brand metallic paint
A sponge
A styrofoam plate or some kind of tray

I started by cleaning the frame of any dust. I didn't worry about taping off the mirror because the paint comes off so easy with a razor blade. You could do this if you are ambitious enough.

Start with a thin coat of paint going around your mirror in even strokes adding more paint as needed. Here is the mirror with one coat. You will see the black coming through and that's OK because it will cover eventually. I'd say that it takes less than 5 minutes to apply a coat.

While my first mirror was sitting with it's first coat I started the second mirror and went back and forth between coats. It dries extremely quick so you can apply your next coats in the same setting. Just make sure the paint isn't sticky or tacky before you apply your next coat. Here are both mirrors side by side after the second and third coat. You will notice that the one on the left is the one with less coats.

Here is a close up of my mirror after 3 coats. It took about 4 coats to completely cover the black. What I like about this paint is that it has a very silver metallic finish and almost looks like a silver leaf. I would use this technique again because it's a bit nicer than a spray paint finish in my opinion.

And finally, here is a sneak peek of the mirror in my daughter's room.

I will reveal the rest of the room this week so that you can see the finished product so stay tuned....

What do you think of the quatrefoil mirror in silver? Regardless of the color you chose, the price of the Allen Roth version from Lowe's is a fantastic solution at only $64.95 and you can easily and quickly change to your liking with a little bit of paint. I have seen much pricier versions of the silver quatrefoil mirror for around $300 elsewhere so for me this one is a winner!

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