Sunday, November 6, 2011

After The Show, With Pictures This Time

Good morning!

We hope you had the chance to tune in last night for our Color Splash/ Twilight themed makeover! That was the first time we saw it and WE LOVED IT.

David and his team are an amazing talented group. He is such a doll and it was such a blast being a part of this makeover. When we watched the show we recognized so many of the people behind the scenes that you don't see and it amazes us how much work EVERYONE put in to making our home as beautiful as it is. We consider ourselves so lucky to have won this makeover and are enjoying our home and it's new look so much. Thank you David and the entire Color Splash team for making this possible and for giving us a place to call our home.

For those of you who have been asking about the before and afters. Here are some answers to your questions:

What did you do to get this makeover?
We simply replied to their questionnaire and told them our story and humbly why we felt we should be picked. We don't think we're so special so I'm not going to dazzle you with our "neatness" I will simply tell you that we've had a rough road the past couple of years, and someone was listening:)

Why did you do this makeover when your house looked great, and you decorate spaces for a living?
Quite simply stated, I don't settle in design and am constantly inspired. I am usually found wanting to make changes in our home or am already in process of changing our home. Robert isn't always so happy about this;) To me, having David come in and change our home was scary but exciting. Now I have a new playground that I'm working with. Besides, David and his team are amazing and opened our eyes to things we wouldn't have been brave enough to do on our own or even thought of. 

What is your favorite part of the makeover?
That is so hard for us to narrow down on one thing! We love love love the wood feature wall. It is just amazing in person and was so creative. We also love the dining room table. It is so unique and so much thought and care went in to making it. It seats 12 people and in a small house like ours I wouldn't have thought something so large and grand could fit in here and I can't wait to have a party at it. I personally also love the chandelier above the dining table. It is HUGE and stunning. You should have seen the way people reacted on Halloween when we opened our front door and could see it. There were so many "oohs and ahhhs". 

What is your least favorite part of the makeover?
We don't have a least favorite. How can you say that you don't like something when so much thought and care was put in to making it for you? I can say that what streeeeetched us past our comfort zone were the animal heads in David's installation wall. I can say though that so many people LOVE it and it was my daughter's personal favorite. I guess we're not as "cool" of parents as we thought we were.

Have you changed anything?

We have made some minor changes, but  that's just a normal part of anyone's home. Things like adding a basket with blankets for the family room, adding trays for remotes and glasses to prevent the tables from getting damaged. We had to move the animal heads to a new place (which was fun and creative I'll show you later) because we had no where to put family photos, literally. Every other wall is either covered with wood or the beautiful sheer curtains. Other than that it was just a matter of bringing back in some of our special treasures and keep sakes such as candles, crystals, trays, books and all the little things that we love and are personal to us. Nothing that we consider huge changes because we love this place!!!

How did you feel about meeting Nikki Reed?

It was amazing. She was so sweet and down to earth, and it was so cool and unexpected.

Why weren't your daughter's in the show?

That made us so sad:( We wanted them to be a part of it. Behind the scenes they were a part of everything, but that one came from the network who had their liability reasons so there wasn't anything anyone could do. They did get to meet David and Nikki and the rest of the team though, AND they are so excited about the cool new home that we have.

Did you learn anything from this?
Actually, I learned so much from David and what he has done here! I know a thing or two, but man it is now at a whole new level. The main thing that I notice is the scale of basically everything. I have written about not putting small pieces of furniture in small spaces because it actually makes it feel smaller, but the chandelier, the egg chairs, the dining table, the 2 console tables in the front entry way of the home, and the 3 rugs that are in each room are all MASSIVE. They make it feel larger in here and are just spectacular. Not something that you would typically see in a home this size. The best part of all is that they work, and they work well.

If you have any other questions, just ask! We'll get back to you and we won't bite~

Now, finally after all this time here are some pictures of our house.

 What do you think?


  1. Hi! I did see the show last night and David and his team did a great job! I am a David fan and this makeover blew me away! I am going to add your blog to my sidebar cuz I want to continue reading more posts! :-))

  2. Hi Sandra, thanks for your comment! I've been meeting David fans so much lately, he is just a doll. Hopefully you enjoy the blog and I'll hear from you again.