Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Modern Concrete Driveway......Like Woa!

Good morning,

I want to share with you a HUGE project going on at the Perez household right now. It involves about 15 workers setting up the forms for our concrete driveway that is being poured hopefully Thursday. We wanted something of a statement and something to distract from the garage addition so we took the driveway out completely along with the rest of the front yard and are forming a massive circular driveway with concrete squares and grass lining each one. Technically they will be concrete rectangles which are a bit more modern, and that is what we want. The plan will then be to landscape along the entire front of the house including where the garage used to be so that when you drive in it appears to simply be a house instead of a house with a converted garage (which it is). We also have a little walk way going down the side of the house with the same forms.  Are you with me???

Here are some pictures of our house as it stands now:

Now, here are some pictures to show you what it will resemble once we are finished:

Now I'm not going to lie, this is a very costly style to do a drive way in. We are fortunate that my husband is in this industry which keeps our costs down to something very close to what we would have spent on pavers. I will break that down for you once this beast of a project is complete.

I think it will be more of an artistic feature than just a driveway and I can't wait to show you the completed results. What do you think so far???

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