Thursday, January 19, 2012

Designer I Love, Martyn Lawrence Bullard


I wanted to talk about a designer/decorator who isn't exactly new, but who's name I recently discovered. His name is Martyn Lawrence Bullard and he has an amazing eye and knack for putting things together with a certain unique zest, and I don't mean in an understated way.

His story is equally amazing, which I read in my new book Live, Love & Decorate. If you haven't seen it yet you need to! It is filled with so much popping eye candy and diverse design style that you will be thirsting for more. I also love the affectionate and honest story of a dreaming actor to be turned decorator to the stars that is Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

One of the features in this book is from the New York home of Jimmy Choo's own Tamara Mellon, and it is just stunning! The mix of ecelectic Hollywood Regency meets vintage 70s glam is true perfection, and there is a whole lotta texture and gold up in that place. I like, I like very much.

Since starting on our bedroom addition, my love for all things gold has turned up and is now a raging fire. In the words of Gold Member from the great and wise Austin Powers, "I like gooooooold".

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