Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year...On Vacation

Good morning and Happy New Year!!!

Just got back in town yesterday from our winter vacation to see family in Utah. It's always great to go home for the holidays.....and it's always stressful to go home for the holidays!

Now that we're back just in time for the New Year it gives me a bit of time to reflect. Though I'm not a huge "new year resolutions" kind of girl, I do believe in making the right changes and changing ones life in the right ways. What better time to reflect and put that in to action then the New Year baby!!!

For us this last year was one huge ride and we were kind of taken along with it. For this new year, I aim to be more proactive in seizing what I want and having the courage to go get it! Here is a list of some of my mini resolutions, keeping in mind that I try to set my sights to attainable, and I  like to keep it real;)

1- Work. I want to continue on this path that I've been fortunate to venture on to. I love design, and all things included in design. I feel like one lucky lady to be able to actually be compensated doing something that I love. It doesn't feel like work to me. I enjoy the obastacles and challenges of design and decor and I have no problem putting in time to get the job done. This year I want to change things a bit by re-composing my blog, and making current and past projects more clear. I will have my portfolio clearly defined so that everyone can see the work I do, and I will continue to grow in this business one project at a time. Oh, and I am also considering taking a few classes! I never thought I would do that one again, but to be great you have to think great. Here we go!

2- Life. I will try to live more in my moments and seize the day so to speak. I want to spend more quality time with my family and work to not stress so much over the small stuff which is a common problem of mine. Truth is, I lost my father last year. Next to that everything else is a bit trivial isn't it? Yoga anyone?

3- Fitness. Now this isn't going to be one of those grand resolutions. The truth is that I am a bit neurotic about my fitness on an everyday basis. For me working out and eating right are really a part of me. There is one thing though. Through the stress of last year, moving at Christmas, going through the trauma of losing a parent, going through a massive remodel and starting a new career all at about the same time I fell off the wagon. This one simply requires me to refocus and re shift some priorities. I want to eat at home MOST of the time. Lately, it has been a rarity. I want to get back to waking early and working out first thing. Lately it has gotten later and later in my day which throws things off and tends to make for a wimpy puny lucky to have gotten it out of the way work out. I also want to get back to taking more of my hard core classes that used to drive me, which leads me to the last piece of this puzzle. I need to cut back on my beloved wine drinking:( Unfortunately wine will make you fat if you drink enough of it, not to mention it will throw off your sleep and motivation for the next day's activity.), it's time to cut back and have a bit of moderation;) That's it folks. It's actually pretty simple, and to be frank with you when I followed this recipe I was in the best shape of my life. I'm 30 now, and I am convinced that it isn't age that changes our physique, but rather life style and life style choices. That's the hard core truth!

4- House. I will finish all of my many to do list projects on our house here, but I will do them in moderation and in consideration of my sweet loving husband and his sanity:) Maybe since things have settled down a bit it will be more of 1-2 things collectively a week. This is pretty easy since we are closing in on the finish line of the addition and remodel. I do wish we could have a pool, and you never know, but it's time for me to live in this house and be content with the blessing that is our home.

5- Travel- I would like to travel a bit more this year. We haven't been able to do that like we used to and I miss that so it's time to buckle the belt and save, plan and vacation!!!

Well, that's my little big list for the new year. I don't think it's unrealistic or unattainable for me which is how goals should be. Don't get me wrong, I like big crazy goals too, and I would love to hear about yours as crazy as they might be. It's just that for me right now, I have to focus on what's right in from of me and once I have that order then I can move forward. It is possible to make and achieve new goals as you go along by the way. Life is fluid and constantly moving and changing. The most important thing is that we live it everyday and have the utmost respect and appreciation for this beautiful life that we have been given.

 Happy New Year and please leave me some of your comments so that I can hear from you in your quest for living a better life!!!

Oh, and here are a couple of pictures of what I wish and hope for this year......but this would be my outlandish goal because it takes money to make a pool, and we've been pouring out the money as if it grew on trees. Maybe it's time to plan, save, budget and make it happen!

Here's to dreaming~

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