Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reupholstering A Bench From Target..... Oh Yea!

Good morning,

I wanted to share with you something that I did today that took me an hour max to complete. I am so thrilled about this one because I am looking for subtle little touches of black and gold for the master bedroom, and when I spotted these babies today at Target.... my heart went pitter patter!

OK, that's not the full story. Truth is that I spotted these babies on Christmas Eve while at Target. I tried unsuccessfully to get my husband to GO BACK AND GET THEM!!!! To no avail:(

So today I snuck away quickly while in the middle of my work day, which Robert refers to as my "Houdini" shopping spree. True. Let's just say that when I set my mind to something, its more like a mist that you never see coming and before you blink, there it is! Ha!

None the less, they still had them which made me happy, but the really muted baby blue dingy color did not. Next spot on the ol "shouldn't be a priority" list was to Joanne's for a black velvet that I thought would dress them up so nice.

Instead I found something with a bit of a print with a raised velvet on a linen cotton type fabric shown below. The best part is that it only cost me $10 bucks!

Isn't she lovely? Here are some before pictures which really don't do justice to the fug-ly that was baby blue.

I liked that it had a silver x base, though I wish it were more of a chrome finish. The way I saw it though was that first, they were only $60 which I thought to be a good price for something that would compliment my room theme well (once recovered). Second, I can always use a handy can of spray paint which would give them the glossy shine I prefer if all else failed. What I recommend in these cases is to recover first and see what you think and if it doesn't work simply remove the cushion and paint away.

Here I am in process of upholstering these babies armed with only a staple gun and a screw driver. Like a real woman!

*Note that if any of you have the jitters when it comes to reupholstering a simple project such as a bench or a chair, DON'T!!! It is such an easy thing to do and will leave you with the flexibility of changing things at your every whim. If you're anything like me, this is a good thing.....a really good thing.

Here are some "afters" with yet another sneak peak of the room in progress. Notice in these pictures that the IKEA RAST night stands shown in yesterday's post are gone. You may ask yourself, "Self, where have those pretty IKEA RAST night stands gone?" Well, hold on to your britches, because that reveal is coming soon (is has also become a bigger project that I originally planned. Aren't they all?)

What do you think??? Things seem to shaping up well, but here's what we still have on the list:

-Re-paint and finish IKEA RAST night stands (for the second time...oops!)
-Mount TV to wall and place new console table below
- Hang mirrors on either side of bed above night stands
- Get 2 pillows with a faux crock band for bed
- Figure out some kind of rug solution either area rug or runners
- Get some art and make it count/ needed for 2 places +, considering sexy black and white photography/ boudoir photography
- Figure out what is wrong with the rubbing pocket door for closet and bathroom and paint them white after they don't rub anymore and ruin paint job
- Move water heater from Robert's new closet and finish his closet installation
- Get some actual photos for the empty frames on the console table

 Now I just need to keep this choo choo train going, errr, I mean get back to work :)


  1. Wow! What a great find! I love the new fabric too :)

  2. Thanks Melz! I thought so too. I've painted them gold now so I will reveal them again LOL.

  3. Wow. I totally disagree! I've seen these in the store, and the blue is a gorgeous shade - not "dingy" or "fugly." But yours look nice too!

  4. Hi Jasmine, I should have clarified that the two that I found were really in a bad way. They were dirty literally. The blue isn't bad for the right space, it just didn't work with my particular space. Thanks for checking them out though.


  5. These look incredible, fantastic job! I would have never guessed that you didn't buy them looking this fabulous! I am so inspired!