Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Romantic Design Scheme, Black, White and Grey Bedroom....Mmmmm

Hey there,

One of the most difficult parts for making a design come together is simply coming up with a scheme. After that, it flows together pretty smoothly since you can work from your inspirations and fit the puzzle pieces together from there.

The good news is that we've moved in to our master bedroom. The bad news is that like many spaces I'm working with it is just not finished! That's OK though, because most of our other BIG projects are either complete or are coming to a close. I promise to start taking some time to reveal them to you;)

Well, I have been struggling with our new bedroom because though I love light and airy which it is, but I also love me some romance and drama. Leave it to the lovely Kelly Hoppen to be my constant muse and source of inspiration never failing to help shed some light on the missing pieces. I'm talking about the white and grey with natural touches that I was already working with, but combining it with some major drama by adding black to the mix. The end result is still calming, but now it will have a bit more edge and glamor. Who doesn't need that in their bedroom?!

Here's where it started:

Mixed with a little bit of these non-Hoppen inspirations:

And the result will be our new bedroom! Here's how we're going to pull it off!!!

Now clearly, this is the start of something good! I will give a break down of the completed room piece by piece once we're there in case you want to er- borrow some inspiration for your own dramatic bedroom. Are you thirsty for more? I know we are, and I can't wait to show you the finished product~

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