Monday, December 19, 2011

Chinese Garden Stool Gets A Make Over!

Good morning,

I wanted to share with you a quick project that I did this weekend in less than 20 minutes! Remember the post that I just did on the new master bedroom scheme here ? Well, that project is in full effect and coming along nicely. Sadly I find that my home is neglected and out on the back burner of my other projects AKA my job! So I am doing things little by little and one project at a time.

I have this thing for Chinese garden stools. I love them and find it hard to resist them when ever I see them. Here are a few pics of my house where you have already seen them.

Above, in our backyard as extra seating.

Above, in our old living room as a space filler under the console.

Or above, in my daughter's room.

I love these little suckers. They are easy to move and can be tucked in and out of so many spaces. They can serve as a table, as extra seating, or simply as a decoration to add to your space.

For our room, I am using them as a side table in front of our night stands because there just isn't great access to the nightstands while laying in bed. These stools serve as a very stylish solution and are the perfect height, they are also easily movable. I found a really cute silver one this weekend at Home Goods for only $50 bucks and needed one for the other side. Since our Ikea RAST night stands are about to get a pretty face lift this week (details coming soon) I decided that it would be another place to add a black element.

I had this white one that I bought on clearance at Target for only $30!
I then painted it with Rust-Oleum Professional Brand High Performance Enamel Spray Paint in High Gloss Black to keep it shiny and perty!

I gave it 2-3 coats. Remember, the trick to spray painting is not to lay it on too close or too thick and let it dry in between coats. This will prevent a goopey dripping look.

Here are the results.

That's just a sneak peak of this little painted garden stool project. It will look even better when paired with the "coming soon" black Ikea RAST night stands below.
I'm also in the middle of gold leafing a black drum shade chandelier, which for the record was MUCH more difficult that it looked! I'll share more with you soon. In the mean time, feast your eyes on some more uses for Chinese garden stools. As a quick FYI, I have found that Home Goods is an excellent source for finding them at great prices and they always have different styles.

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments~

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