Monday, February 27, 2012

Banded Pillows And Brass Sea Urchins

Good morning,

I FINALLY received my brass sea urchin that I obsessed about and bought from and I was not dissappointed. In fact, I really wish I had bought more of the small ones to go with the large one that I purchased but at the time I was second guessing my purchasing spree of that week.

I also finally had my banded pillows done which were originally inspired form none other that Kelly Hoppen who is the queen of using banded pillows. I love the look of them and find that having pillows uniquely customized by adding bands to them can help tie in your entire scheme which is exactly what they did for me.

For my pillows I used a really nice faux croc vinyl that is the perfext juxtoposition from the soft creamy velvet pillow covers. I also like that the croc adds a little bit of tough edge to the room. I had the bands sewn at 5" and find that having a thick band always makes a better statement.

In no particular order here are some showcase pictures of our little brass sea urchin and our new faux croc banded pillows.

As you can see there are touches of gold and black coming in left and right which was the plan. My next step will be to add some Ikat pillows to the sofa to complete the look which I'm having custom made. Stay tuned~