Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Banded Pillows Inspired By Kelly Hoppen

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Before I move on to show you more of the banded pillows that I've made here at my house as well as some that I made for a recent client, I wanted to share with you where the inspiration came from. I'm talking about Kelly Hoppen.

I've found that bands are a really affordable way to add a designer touch and to give pillows something unique, they also tie elements and colors visually and texturally together. Pillow bands and stripes play off the grid formation of a room which is what Kelly Hoppen is all about. According to her design style and methodology any room that you have be it inside or outside consists of a grid with horizontal and vertical lines, and when designing and decorating a room you have to bring focus to both. In layman's terms you are either working off making a room taller (vertical) or wider (horizontal). A great example of this would be when painting stripes. When you paint stripes in a room vertically you are drawing the eyes upward thus making a room feel taller. On the opposite, when you paint stripes horizontally such as in our home you are lengthening a room and making it seem larger and wider.

Kelly Hoppen who I blogged about here is my timeless design hero. Her use of contemporary, modern design has a very worldly influence especially Eastern, and I'm not referring to the "buy a Buda from Home Goods" worldly. I'm referring to the travel the world and find unique treasures, philosophies, beliefs and styles.  She puts thought and concise detail to every aspect of her rooms down to the directional flow of a space, and I absolutely LOVE her style.

Here are some of her designed rooms with banded pillows to give you a point of reference.

Now, if you look closely in these images you will see that the pillows are certainly not the only element in these rooms that has vertical and horizontal lines. In fact most every element in the rooms show them.

I simply can't get enough, and I look forward to showing you other places that I've used this technique and had a great success. If you are hungry for more Kelly Hoppen DO NOT MISS her many books which will have you pouring through the pages over and over as I do.

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