Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finding The Right Faucet For A Vessel Sink

Good morning,

One dirty little secret that I'll share with you right now is that we are still under construction!!! It has been 10 months of us completely gutting our home and doing a master en-suite garage addition plus the little hiatus that we took when HGTV's Color Splash came in and gave us a makeover. Since we are both busy working, there are little breaks that happen here at our house and delay things along.

Needless to say, I'm O-V-E-R IT!!! We have 3 major projects that are holding things back.

1- We need to finish our bathroom sinks/faucets/vanity so that the installers will come and finish the new master bathroom cabinet installation.
2- We need to get a new water heater and remove the no good, no hot water making, gonna make you freeze before your tub is filled, gonna make the entire family argue for who showers first, old water heater from what will be Robert's new closet and install the new one outside.
3- Have the cabinet/closet installers come and finish both Robert and my closet installations which they won't do until everything is ready for them.

Once all of this is complete we will have our own closets in our own room (YAAAY!) We will have a fully functional bathroom in our room (YAAAAY!) and we will have a much needed extra bedroom which will function as an office/guest room/ hopeful future baby room. Ahhh.

Well, back to the title of today's post. The big hold up has been a little mistake I made with our bathroom faucets when I ordered the wrong ones. 

I originally wanted, ordered, and received these from Overstock.com for only $129 and I LOVE them!

They were purchased to go with these vessel sinks also from Overstock.com for the unbeatable price of only $89.99!!!

Both of which will be added to a carrara marble counter top which sits on top of a natural grain/color wood double vanity.

Well, those faucets need more space behind them to be able to function properly and in turn won't work. FAIL!

Here are some new contenders for the faucets:

The only option that's out for us are the wall mounted ones since we are not properly set up for that, but I love the look of it and showed you anyway.

 Overstock.com and Amazon.com have some really amazing and affordable options. Just make sure to check out the reviews for buyer feedback. 

What do you think?


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