Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blinging Out Some Ikea LACK Shelves

Hello there,

I just got back in town from a whirl wind weekend for my daughter's soccer tournament in Disney this past weekend and didn't get a chance to post.

I want to show you a little mini makeover that I did with our Ikea LACK shelves above our TV in the family room.

Ours have moved with us and are constantly evolving along with my moods and taste. Since I'm going with "bring in the gold" as a theme, I found a great idea on a blog called http://timmythewienerdog.blogspot.com/ where Bri added gold brackets to her LACK shelves. Her blog is quite hilarious and if you haven't already seen it you should definitely stop by. She has quite the knack for DIYing things in a very Kelly Wearstler kind of way and her raunchy non apologetic humor is a guilty pleasure.

I used different brackets on our LACK shelves which I found at Home Depot for only $2.70 for 4 (you will need 2 packs).

Here are the results:

It's looking pretty good.

*As a reference for the elements on the shelves:
-I simply glued on the brackets which was quick and easy.
-I always layer pictures ,and fount that Target has some great double pained glass frames which will let whatever is behind the photos show through and also don't limit you to a specific picture size or direction.
-I included both silver and gold elements on our shelves which I found gave a more interesting high end look.
-I spray painted 2 sea fans with 24K gold spray paint and it turned out really nice and was so EASY.
- I  gold leafed 2 candles that I bought in white ceramic from West Elm which again was harder than it looks, but gave another texture and tone in gold that was much needed.
-I bought the silver antelope on a black base at Home Goods because I decided that I have WAY too much beachy-oceanic touces in this house which I'm sure is a result from a past obsession. New goal will be to find different types of accessories.

What do you think?


  1. They make a world of difference don't they? Glad I can inspire people with my nutty ideas sometimes! Your living room is awesome by the way. Keep on trucking.

  2. Yes they do! I have been on a gold spree that I don't see ending ANY TIME soon! I loove the idea, thanks for sharing it.