Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Little Progress Makes Me Happy

Good morning,

I've been asked quite a bit lately if I have pictures of my current project to share. Trust me I've wanted to share it, but there has been so much construction happening that it's just not been "show you" ready. I did take a couple of candid i phone pictures to show you some of the progress. I'm still in construction with bathrooms and the new AMAZING stair case which will be coming HOPEFULLY next week after which things will really start shaping up.

In the mean time here are a few Progress Before And After pictures for you.

Foyer Before:

Foyer In Progress:
Man Office Before:

Man Office In Progress:

 Kitchen Before:

Kitchen In Progress:

Family Room Before:

Family Room In Progress:

Now clearly these aren't top quality pics, simply taken from my I phone. This is in no way a representation of what's to come since things are very much in progress, but at least you can get a feel for the transformation that this home is undergoing. The once dated home is getting its clean and polished make over for the stylish guy that lives here. It's turning out amazing, and I can't wait for things to keep on changing. I will share more with you as it comes, but this place cleans up really nice, don't you think?


  1. Amazing! Simy stunning!!!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog <3

    What is the maximum bedhead height you would go with for a king size bed? Also, do you think side returns/wing back are likely to date?


  2. Hi Annie! Thank you can't wait for it to go further along.

    Xoxo, Whitney

  3. Hi B, I love a good tall bed say 75", make a statement. I also like a wing back and find that they soften the modern elements that are elsewhere in your house. Now if you want it ├╝ber contemporary then go without. I happen to have wing backs and I love them. Hope that helps.


  4. Amazing! My favorite portion is the transformation of the foyer, since it is the part of the house that can influence visitors' first impression of a home. It looks more inviting with the table and chairs coated in dark brown paint. Anyway, I wonder if you could add a small shelf with family pictures there. Maybe it will look livelier that way. Don't forget to keep us posted on your other projects!

    -Eryn Ballesteros