Friday, April 19, 2013

This Or That, Masculine Bedroom Design

Good morning,

Since my current project is geared mostly around my male client I've had to keep that in mind with the design and style of the space. It's actually been quite interesting for me to push my boundaries and try many new things which is always fun.

Today I want to share with you the master bedroom schemes that I've come up with. I'm deciding between two bed options. Option A with a low braided leather head board or Option B with a high leather head board.

Take a look.

Option A

Option B

In either case the bed would work fine, the only real difference is the height of the bed. In Option A I would have the versatility to hang art above the bed due to the low height, and in Option B the headboard's height becomes the focal point.

Here are some bedrooms that have art hung above the bed.

And here are some bedrooms with high upholstered head boards.

All of these bedrooms are quite amazing! I'm kind of obsessed with the Maralyn Minter art hanging above the very first image, but I also love the simple high white head board set against the all white walls and crisp white bedding which I am a huge sucker for!

What do you think? Would you prefer to hang art above your bed and go with Option A or do you like that Option B has a tall enough bed that it doesn't need art?

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