Thursday, August 1, 2013

HGTV | "Weekends With Luis" - Jay & Jenny's Carport

Did I ever tell you about the time I worked on an HGTV series called Weekends With Luis??

Well, I did and it was awesome!

When I started my career in design (as in actually getting paid for it) I was contacted by a good friend and interior designer who saw my blog. She asked me to work as her assistant designer both on actual projects and for a pilot series for HGTV called Weekends With Luis. She would be the person who I credit my career beginnings to and helping me find my own passion, as well as gaining invaluable knowledge and experience with. I am grateful to her to this day.

The series was about a contractor named Luis Bosch who helped homeowners tackle "weekend" projects in their homes that they wanted to do but didn't know where to start. Sound familiar?? We've all been there. It was such a fantastic experience to be a part of this show and the team that made it happen.The YouTube video above is my actual episode. In the show the contractor and his team do all the dirty work i.e. all the construction and building and once he's finished the design team comes in and pulls the room together with allot of advanced planning and stages the end result to be camera and TV ready.

My role as an assistant designer was to help with the rendering of the room, finding the inspiration images for the space, sourcing and shopping all of the materials, decorative items, drapes etc, and also being there for any and everything that needs to be done (VERY QUICKLY) along the way to make the space come together for the big reveal.

It is much more fast paced than "real world" design, and you work with very tight time lines and budgets. It can feel a bit chaotic in the finishing process because you have to get this room done literally right before the home owners are walking in the door. It's crazy and exciting. It's also important to note that there is a whole village making these homes come together. I saw this again when our own home was featured on Color Splash Miami. There is allot of hard work and dedication from an entire team on these shows.

Above is a video of the episode and if you look really close you can catch a glimpse of us behind the scenes, but we were by no means the feature of the show lol. The absolute coolest part of the whole experience for me was being in the kitchen and listening the happy homeowners during the reveal. They were moved and so thankful which made the whole experience that much better.

In the end we went back to working on our other design projects, and so far I haven't heard that the show is running more episodes. Too bad I'm not working on another show for HGTV. I would love to do room transformations on a budget, or designer room replicas on a budget......or ANYTHING! Hey, a girl can dream;)

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