Monday, August 12, 2013

Project Sneak Peek, A Masculine Themed Master Suite

Happy Monday,

As promised I want to start sharing with you some pictures of my most current work. This project is for a bachelor client and his 2 daughters. He likes things clean and minimal with a bit of a well traveled feel to them, let's call it global.

Here is a peek in to this new bedroom.

Now, to recap let's take a look at what I started with. Here was the master bedroom before.


The only thing that I had done when I started here were the floors which we simply continued throughout the second story of the house. I told you my client likes that "global" feel to his home, and when he chose the above fire engine red I'm sure he was on some sort of an Asian kick. There was no bed, no TV stand, no lamps, no night stands, NOTHING, well except for that cozy purple blanket which I had to retire.

Let's go to where things are now.


The room is actually 95% finished. I am waiting on a series of art that will go above the bed and will lighten the space. The finish is a dark grey and has a bit of a suede affect to it, and the ceiling is done in a lighter shade of grey with the center done in the same shade as the walls.

Since my client wanted a room that had a hotel feel I installed track curtains with sheers on the inside and a dark grey silk blend lined with black out material for the outside so that he can close them when he sleeps, Vegas style.

The bed is an amazing leather platform bed that sits very low to the ground and eliminates the need for a box spring. It has a braided leather woven headboard to it and the leather is a very soft Italian leather. I dressed the bed in luxurious linens in shades of greige (definition: shades of grey and beige). It is one of the most comfortable beds EVER! 

The rug is hand woven from Jaipur in the color Ashwood. 

That AMAZING dramatic light fixture is actually imported from Indonesia and I had it custom designed to become a hanging fixture with a chrome plated canopy. It is massive at 55" and is made from a wicker material. Definitely a global show stopper. 

I'm in love with this sultry and admittedly masculine space, and more importantly so is my client.

What do you think?


  1. Another AMAZING job, Whitney!! LOVE the room...the fixture is so unique and beautiful, the color pallet is so inviting, the rug is gorgeous and it is just overall awesome. Maybe a master bedroom update needs to be added to your to-do list at my house. :) Way to go, you have so much talent!

  2. Hey Danielle, thank you so much for your comments about the room design. I would love to do something amazing with your room! Can't wait to see you this week and get the fun started.


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