Monday, August 19, 2013

Modern Bathroom Reno, Guest Bathroom Sneak Peek

Hello Monday! If you're anything like me you're doing some serious juggling with all of the back to school, work, life madness that's all around lately. Well no complaints from me, except for the waking up extra early part which I HATE and always will. On the flip side it means back to business and routine and being productive and thriving.

Today I want to share with you a sneak peek of one of the bathrooms that I recently completed.

Here are a couple lovely before pictures the bathroom before the design and the new and improved bathroom after. Take a look. 

Guest Bathroom Before And After:

As you see the entire bath had very basic builder's model finishes with the white laminate cabinets, built in sinks, metal framed shower and basic bland tile. It was in need up some serious love! It is the only bathroom on the main floor and since the entire house was redone it makes sense that the bathrooms are included in this process.

Fast forward to the finished product, this bathroom is anything but dated and bland. Take a look.

** Disclaimer, it was really difficult to get you a quality pic with the limited dimensions in this space. I never said I was a photographer, please don't judge.

Guest Bathroom After:

For the new design of the guest bathroom I went with Italian porcelain tiles that have a beautiful indented linear print to them. Since they are rectangular you can choose different layouts, I chose to lay them directly side by side as opposed to a brick pattern. I find that this gives a space a cleaner more contemporary look.

The picture below shows the tile and trim tile which is a lovely blend of glass, stone and stainless steel mosaic pieces. The trim is done in 3" width around the entire perimeter of the bath. I like including this in bathroom design because itadds so much visual interest, and the cost isn't very high considering one tile gives you 2-4 strips of trim depending on your chosen width.  The shower floor is a checker board affect of dark and light tiles in a matching design.

I will work to get you a better picture of the floors because the tile truly is amazing, my pictures may not do it much justice.

The vanity shown below is the GODMORGON/BRAVIKEN cabinet and sink from Ikea which we chose due to budget, and dimensions and it's a pretty nice piece all together. Installation is everything so don't outrule Ikea and other big box stores as a cost effective alternative in your own bathroom especially when considering budget. I added a Delta brand goose neck faucet which dresses things up a bit in addition to the matching shower head tub combo all in a chrome finish. The end result is modern, clean and anything but bland. 

What do you think of this modern bathroom transformation?