Thursday, August 29, 2013

Play Room/ Guest Room Ideas: Multipurpose Spaces

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One of my current projects includes a transitional "play room/ guest room" design. I want to share this with you because I find these spaces growing in popularity as does the need to make them stylish and functional. No one wants an ugly eye sore of a room when having company.

In this case the room is for a tween who wants a lounge room, and also one that has plenty of storage for all of her "kid stuff". It also needs to accommodate out of town-ers without looking like a hot mess.

Here is the scheme I've come up with for this space.

The idea here is to keep the walls and base furnishings neutral so that the space can transition down the road to another space as the girl grows older. Since it's a "tween" space my client wants it to feel a bit more grown up and calm for guests, but to also be a fun space for kids to hang out in.

I grounded the room with a neutral grey on the walls, and added her base piece with a very functional West Elm day bed that allows for sleeping multiple people with it's pull out trundle bed that can easily be tucked away when not in use. I love its simple and basic design which makes it look less like a bed and more like a sofa when you add a bunch of colorful pillows.

**Tip, I always have custom bolster pillows made for day beds. It's a small touch that goes a long way style wise, and it also helps a bed feel less like a bed;)

The drapes are a simple ruffle dot design also in neutral white, but the playful design on them keeps them from being dull and instead makes them fun enough for a tween.

The rug and pouf area are all about hanging out. I chose to add the color through this amazing Ikat rug. It gives so much opportunity to add accents and accessories in a wide variety of colors which I plan to do through art, pillows and decorative accents. The poufs are done in the most playful shag yet the light bean bag design makes them easy to move aside when company calls, and the neutral color keeps them cool. In the center are lucite accent tables used for storage and as functional tables, but done in lucite keeps things clean and uncluttered.

The lighting in the room is a step up from childish with that amazing chandelier and the lamp choices. Who says a kid can't have some sophistication?!

For storage and organization, I am using the large Expedit from Ikea, and some floating shelves on either side of the bed. The Expedit will be filled with storage boxes and decorative items. If you aren't familiar with Expedit from Ikea check it out! It is a fantastic way to keep clutter at bay, store your books on, and to add fun elements of style in any kid's room. I also love the idea of the floating shelves which you can use to rotate art, drawings and books and keep things from getting stale.

**Tip, the shelves could also serve as a place to strategically put a couple photos of the company who might be staying in that room. Everyone ALWAYS likes to see a picture of themselves when staying with friends and family. It makes you feel loved;)

My idea behind multifunctional spaces is to address the needs of the space in a stylish way, yet not skimp on making the space beautiful. Look for multipurpose pieces such as this day bed that allows for a comfortable place to sleep when company is in town, but it also serves as a cool place to relax and watch a movie on when the kids are hanging out.

I also try to keep base colors pretty neutral in these types of spaces, older kid rooms tend to not be so color specific as you might see with a younger child, and no adult really likes sleeping in a crayon colored space. Try to add your color through accents, art and pillows and you will have a space that works well for the long term where simple changes can make a big difference.

How about you, do you have any multifunctional spaces? What are some of your ideas in keeping things functional but still stylish?

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