Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Garage Addition, Progress.....Little By Little

Good morning,

I wanted to share with you the cut windows in the garage which had to be altered so that the elevation matched the other windows in the house. This is a necessity for those who want to do a garage addition but not have it look like a garage addition. It also gives you the ability to put in larger windows, and windows equal light. This required the drawings to be revised as well as the permit, but it is well worth it in the long run and for those of you who may take on a project like this you can learn from our mistakes and have them put in your drawings from the beginning;)

Here is a picture of the original windows as they were framed:

Notice how small they are and how dark it is inside the garage which if you remember will be our master en-suite.

Here are the windows being cut and as they are now:

It's a bit challenging to see from the outside, but the windows were hand sawed up through the tie beams which were then reinforced. From the inside it is easier to see even with the framing that is up which separates the bathroom and closet. There is at least ten times more light in that room. It is bright and open and I'm so glad we made that decision.

The concrete walls have been poured and the windows have been ordered. Once those windows come in we will be closing off the garage to the outside and will only have to paint that part of the house. At that point it will no longer be referred to as the garage. Our windows with much urging from myself will all be framed in black which will be such a nice contrast with the light paint color and will compliment the door. We really cleaned up our house to make it less cookie cutter and more modern. On the inside we will be cutting the door from the house to the garage which will go from a door to a hall just like the one inside our house as seen below while it was still under construction:
After this wall has been cut and framed and patched it will open up that part of the house up and we will have a split floor plan which will lead from the kitchen/family room to the laundry room/ master suite.  It adds about 500sf and an extra bedroom and bathroom with laundry room and walk in closets. When all of this is said and done I will tally costs and give those of you who might be considering a project like this some idea of what it can cost you.

We still have a long ways to go with the new drive way and landscaping which have to be started, but hopefully one day my home can make me feel as good as the home in this picture below.
Clearly the house is a different style all together, but the main inspiration from this picture in regards to the feel and clean modern style is what I would love our inside and outside to feel like.

P.S. I am giving up full control of the main living part of my house to David Bromstad in a week. Though it is extremely exciting, I am a bit nervous all together and am not used to having absolutely no say in what my home will look like. To answer some of your questions, I have not seen ANYTHING and have NO CLUE what will be happening here in the Perez household. If I had to say one thing that I wish upon wish for it would be that I get a contemporary space that is great for entertaining and a family room perfect for our family and dog, and that my walls stay white Ha! Other than that, bring it on baby~

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