Monday, August 1, 2011

We're Back Jack And Ready To Celebrate!!

Hi there, I'm sort of back from vacation and boy do I have some things going on. The house is still moving forward and the trim is actually being painted as we speak. Yaaay! We have the new drawings approved so we hope to cut the new windows for the master bedroom this week which means we would then be able to pour the walls, insert the windows and start with the interior work. We're hoping that everything can be done with in about a month. It does sometimes feel like the project that will never end.

Now, there is something MUCH MUCH MUCH bigger that is currently pressing on our priority list. We won a really amazing prize and are having our whole family room, living room and dinning room completely made over by a huge major TV network who is also partnered with a huge major film production company and it all starts today! I'm waiting for the OK to tell you all the exact details, but for now what I will say is that if anyone our there is a fan of home makeover shows then you will really want to stay tuned here. This is the opportunity of a life time and we just couldn't say no in spite of the fact that we just finished doing those rooms ourselves. Heck, we like to live on the edge and find ourselves to be a bit ca-ra-zay sometimes. I can say that I entered a contest with no thought that we might win, and I also entered it with other rooms in mind that we desperately need finished, but they had other plans and we are completely A-OK with that.

We have a bit of an all day situation today and I am hoping that I can share the details with you tomorrow and am hoping that we won't have to wait until after the makeover to share it but we will give you one little hint:

Not a good enough hint? How about these:

 What this means for you my lovely loyal readers is that I will need to sell most if not all of the things in all those rooms since we have to have it completely cleared and will not be re-using anything for the makeover. We have no storage, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, and don't want to have to get a large storage unit just to hold on to more furniture. This means I will be selling ALLOT of stuff and if you been keeping up with us we've got some really good stuff in here. Let me better clarify this, we will be selling EVERY THING in those rooms down to the sectional sofas and end tables and rugs. I plan to post them on Craigslist and will probably do some kind of open house as well which I will let you know about. In the mean time though check out past posts to see if you are interested in anything and email me about them here and I will get back to you with prices and info. I will do a post with individual items when we have more time and better pictures.

Wish us luck!


  1. OHMIGOODNESS! How exciting! Please let me know the details of the show asap so that I can watch you on TV! You're going to be famous! :)

  2. I can't wait!!! Eeek... so excited for you. Please send your craigslist listings my way. I just moved and still looking for furniture! =) Thanks again for the upholsterer info.

  3. Hi ladies, thanks. We're pretty excited too.

    Kelly, it looks like you're local. If I do an "estate" type sell you should definitely come by. Trust me when I say these things are better in person. But, I will keep you posted on what ends up going and should know in ab a week. Kind of sad since I loooove my stuff, but no complaining right?