Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Master Bedroom Inspiration, Black And White

Good morning, since I have been in the middle of  the master bedroom build out and since it has taken so much time to do my thoughts and inspirations for that room are changing right along with it.

As I have mentioned, I want an amazing retreat that is romantic but has some edge and drama to it. Originally my inspiration was for a light calm room and was loosely based off this image:
Why this picture? Well I already have this bed from Z Gallery:
And my color pallet is white and airy, so I took the time to make the night stands from Ikea in the picture as seen here:

Well I thought I had all the pieces for the perfect room, and in theory I did. Let me tell you that when you work in design and work with decorating you see so many ideas and inspirations and there are times when it makes you shift your thinking in a whole new direction all together. Partly spawned by our HGTV/Color Splash makeover coming up on the 23rd of this month, I have been completely thrown for a loop since I don't know what to expect and can't play any part of what will happen in our house. So my master bedroom certainly isn't going to get left in the dust, and that is one room where I still have full control "mua-ha ha!". I want it to have the drama and romance and the edge that I know will be going in the rest of my home and since it is one of the most important rooms to me (and Robert), I'm taking things up a notch;)

Here are my new inspirations for that room:

These are loosely the images that I am mentally working with. The bed and walls may go darker with white curtains, though I'm undecided about the wall color which may stay white. The ikea hacked nightstands will get an ebony wash to darken them up a bit and give them more glam and less of a natural wood hue, unless once I get them in there they don't bother me which does sometimes happen. I will definitely be adding some chains with a DIY chain chandelier idea that's been obsessively rolling around in my mind (unless I can find one for a good price). I have seen only a few of them, and one in particular that's made from old bike chains. This is really the idea that is changing the whole room- a lighting fixture that is edgy and off the wall different. More of that to come later. I will also be painting the doors black in that space, and plan to lighten things up a bit through my curtains, linens, and the light concrete floors.

Can you see it? I can, and I like it!

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  1. I can't wait to see the master bedroom reveal. I actually bought the rast dressers and wanted to do the same hack but fell in love with some thrifted french provincial night stands instead.