Friday, August 19, 2011

The Time Has Come To Sell Sell Sell

Well hello on this fine Friday afternoon. The time has come for me to proceed with selling and storing all of our things since we have HGTV coming next week for the BIG HUGE makeover. Now I can't lie to all of you, I have some jitters right about now. I just posted some things to which can be seen here:
Designer furniture for sale
Stainless steel range hood

Let's face it folks, it's hard to get rid of things that you love even if you're ready for a change. With that said, I'm ready for David Bromstad and Color Splash to Bring It On! I am being more flexible than I imagined because I do practice what I preach and I work very hard at "La Casa Perez" to express that creativity throughout our home in every detail. It's definitely not an easy thing for me to blindly let go without any say on what will be coming back in. So now I will take a deep breathe and get ready to embrace our new home which will be as much of a surprise for us as it is for you.

Enough of my mellow dramatic break down and on with this post. Make sure to take a look at the craigslist postings above and also leave me a comment if you want to know about anything you've seen and are interested in adopting for your home. Here are some new and old pictures to refresh your minds:

Dinnind room set- table from designer piece, 6 upholstered chairs and 2 end chairs $2,500 table: 45"wx84"lx30"h

Custom photography art: driftwood in the caribbean on acrylic HUGE 70"x40" $350 
 Chandelier with teardrop crystals: $250 16"x48"l
 Unique wood buffet with doors: brand new mint condition have owned for 3 mos
$500/ 70"l x 14 1/2"w x 34"t

 Brand new upholstered chairs: $300ea Custom upholstery

 White sofa/day bed: custom made 70"l x35"h x 34 1/2"w
3 mirrors custom painted white: 25"w x 75"t $100/each
*Possibly the 2 wood chairs with circles, rustic amazing, linen upholstery $150ea
*Possibly the round silver coffee table with 2 glass shelves- 200

Wood tv unit console table with mirrored doors and dark finish to the wood. Slight markings on the top due to tv placed on it. $400
 2 brand new ottomans in light upholstery, also mint condition almost brand new (see the tags that were on them in the picture) $70 ea. Perfect for a coffee table with tray

Clearly I have more things in these rooms. Some of which I'm not sure about some of which I just know I won't be able to re-use, and some of which are spoken for. All  are great pieces and work well as a whole or in parts. If you want help on what might fit in to your home feel free to leave me your email and I would gladly make suggestions for you.

My photography sucks admittedly and I say it all the time, so I've done no justice to my own home. Regardless, let me know if there is anything you are interested in. HGTV comes on Tuesday, but that which doesn't sell will go in storage and can still be had if we haven't sold it yet.

P.S. I saw a today for a digital photography class and I'm considering it. I just don't know if I can make magic from my Canon Powershot or if I would need a much higher end camera to do the quality of pictures that I would want. If any of you are photography buffs I would love a little insight on this. Is my Cannon Powershot capable of beautiful images and it is truly I who need the photography class? Please share~


  1. Good luck selling everything. I took a photography class using a groupon. If it's Photoworkshops I loved it. They were great and I learned a lot! I would suggest a good camera. It will make all the difference in your photos.

  2. Ahh So exciting! Gonna show my sister to see if she wants anything. I'm about to buy that Groupon by the way! Me and my best friend were talking about it

  3. Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

  4. Thanks jandjhome for getting back to me on that one. I kind of figured that I would need a better camera at some point. I guess it's time. My pictures never do my work or anybody else for that matter justice LOL.

  5. Thanks Melz. I think that film and photography could be a natural hobby for some bloggers like us;) It certainly couldn't hurt.

  6. Hi Harija, I am definitely going to check you out. I am working on a project this morning but I promise to take the time to take a look at your blog, I like to do things right you know? Thanks for checking me out I hope you enjoy it.