Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloooooooweeeeeeen! Spooky Stuff

Hello Everyone,

I have a few things that always remind me of my childhood and Halloween is one of them. My mom to this day decorates her entire house in the most creative and fun ways which brings back those memories of being young with my imagination running wild.

I love Halloween and I love to decorate and create a creepy spooky scene. I love to party, I love scary movies, I love painting pumpkins and I LOVE me a good haunted house. Sadly now that I live in Florida I only have memories of the cold Utah nights when the weather would chill and the leaves would turn their autumn colors of yellow, red and brown.

The weather here in Florida is warmer and balmy (not to mention pretty bright and blue and filled with palm trees), but that doesn't change having the Halloween spirit. Sadly with all the changes we've gone through this year we haven't decorated and it hasn't felt as festive for us. There's always next year, but until then........

                                                     Happy Haunting...Muah ha ha!

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