Monday, October 24, 2011

Kid's Room Feature Wall

Good morning,

I love my daughter's and they have been so great about going through all of the ups and downs with the move and the remodel after remodel that this weekend my husband and I decided to work on their rooms. I thought I would share with you a great way to decorate for kids rooms using the things that you have around, some paint, and some creativity.

It started with a framed cork board that I bought at HomeGoods for $30. We tacked up all my daughter's necklaces and pictures and buttons and stickers to make the cutest little collage seen below.

Then we started taking mirrors and things we had around the house already and hung them up in a grid type fashion. The key is that these things don't have to match, and in fact the less they match the more character and "life" your wall will take on as shown again, below.

Once I had everything hung just so, I stood back and realized that I wanted it to have a little more uniformity with the room aka spray paint baby!

So I took the chalk board with frame that I bought at HomeGoods on clearance for $6.50 and a picture collage in a black frame and bought myself a handy can of this:
And....we simply took those frames outside and gave them two coats of paint shown below.

Here is our finished product! She loves it and even left a cute little message on her chalk board~


  1. How pretty!!!! LOVE it! You have true talent girlfriend. I wish I had all of those perfect things just laying around my house! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  2. Thanks Danielle, but with a little bit of the right things I know you could do this too!!! All it takes are things to hang, some creativity and if all else fails some spray paint!