Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Good morning,

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I LOVE MIRRORS! You will find me constantly DIYing them and putting them all over our house (remember DIY drift wood mirror and DIY modern painted mirrors?). Well, over the weekend my husband and I did it again. We've been slowly but surely taking our house in to the direction of black and white and simply working around the amazing pieces and colors that Color Splash brought in here for the make over. It is such an elegant and over the top glamorous scheme that David Bromstad mixed so well with organic elements, and is exactly the sort of thing that holds a soft spot in my heart.  

**We will be showing pictures of the house and the makeover soon which I know so many of you are dieing to see, but we have to help keep the reveal an exciting secret so we will wait until after it airs on Nov 5**

With that we wanted to share with you a one day DIY project that we did over the weekend that you can mimic with any framed mirror. All it takes is a mirror, some spray paint, some metallic paint and a sponge for your detailing and you can transform grandma's old tired mirror into a fresh modern updated version of its former self. 

Ours started with a REALLY big REALLY amazing mirror. The finish on the frame is spectacular and the way it sits in front of our dining table and reflects the rest of our house as well as our massive chandelier is perfect, we just wanted to glam it up a bit.

We started by giving it a flat white coat of spray paint, and then gave it another 2-3 coats to make sure it was good and covered shown below.

Then we gave it some detailing using something from our home girl Martha Stewart
We applied the metallic glaze using a sponge and a wet rag for wiping. We found this silver to be light and almost perfect, however If I had this to do over again I may have given it some black detailing first and then applied the metallic glaze so that the details stood out a bit more and it looked more aged. This could still happen one day but we are learning as we go, and for right now we think it looks pretty amazing. Take a look below.

It's kind of hard to see with the lighting so here are a couple of close views:


As you can see, the detailing is very subtle which is what we were aiming for. When you see it in person you see the detailing much more. In this case the silver paint gave it a finished look and gave it just enough dimension. If you are looking for something more dramatic then I suggest you play with the silver paint options until you find the "just right" one for yourself.

This is the part where I queue the song "Isn't she lovely.......isn't she beautiful?" Well my friends, Yes She Is!


  1. Hey there. I'm really enjoying checking out your blog--you have some great ideas and projects on here! And from a fellow mirror lover, I can totally relate. I have tons of mirrors around my house as well. Actually just got a really hideous one at GW that I want to cover in driftwood--that's actually how I found your blog! I'm your newest follower and am excited to continue to be inspired:)

  2. Hi Kat, thanks for your comments and for stopping by. I'm glad to hear from a fellow mirror lover. Let me know if you do the drift wood mirror so that I can see your results. I am doing another one at a client's project now so I'll show that one soon too. XOXO