Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Designers I Love: Kelly Hoppen

Good morning, today I wanted to share with you someone who truly inspires much of what I love about design. There are others and I plan to showcase them as well, however this one trumps them all. Kelly Hoppen. She is a true gem and her timeless endless style is compelling and remarkable. She isn't one who you will see using the latest trends or colors, in fact she is more the queen of neutrals, yet her style doesn't come and go as the latest fads do. She is quite the opposite, and I find myself pouring through her books over and over again never tiring of the beautiful images that flood the pages and my inspirational memory bank and here's why:

1) She uses a neutral color palette favoring white, taupe, cream, and greys and may add a pop of color here and there. Typically done with bands of color over things like a pillow which she says is a great way to unify a space. She also suggests mixing your light colors with dark colors for dramatic effect.
2) Play with scale, and don't over crowd a room. She says that large furnishings make a room feel intimate and inspiring.
3)Use task lighting in every room. Lighting is on the top of her list for design essentials which includes more than just chandeliers and lamps. Not in the budget? Even candles can change your space to an intimate setting.
4)Plan to the very last detail. By this she is referring to actual house plans which help you to see the bigger picture and help avoid costly mistakes.
5) Display your favorite objects and store the rest. She also suggests upgrading when you can and saving for what you really want. Who hasn't bought something that they weren't in love with but always longing for the real thing? Sometimes it's better to save and get what you want.
6) She says the sofa should be an elegant statement and best done in a L or U shape to create a focal point for a room.
7) She suggests that you use mirrors and reflective surfaces when ever possible since they reflect light and add depth to a room.

Of coarse when you go through her many books you will learn so much more about all of these design concepts, and she even has a design school in London which would be my dream come true. But here are some inspirational pictures for you to sink your teeth in to~


  1. What beautiful rooms. They are definitely inspiring.

  2. I like the bedroom, and the terrace is woowww :)