Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blog Help Needed....Project Sneak Peek

Good morning,

As one of my "New Year Resolutions", not to mention the fact that I simply need the functionality I am looking to redo my blog. That could be that it stays on the same plat form or that I switch to a paid plat form if needed. I need to have larger pictures, tabbed pages and a better over all functioning blog for things such as Py Portfolio, DIY projects, Inspirations, Contact Me etc. etc.

Does anyone know someone who can help me with this? I am not looking to spend the huge amount that I was already quoted so I am hoping I can find someone to help for a reasonable price.

HELP!!! Please leave me a comment with the email information. I would really appreciate the help:)

By the way, I am starting to get some pictures of completed projects and wanted to show you a little sneak peek. Here is a budget project that I completed for a client with a true love of color.  More images to come.

Enjoy your weekend~


  1. Fabulous! Loving the coffee table and those gorgeous shelves. The chair in the background deserves a close-up. It's a beauty! Uncorded Curtain Poles