Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY Scarf Pillows, Amazing Pillows On The Cheap

Good morning,

Remember how I've been posting and posting about the new pillows on our sofa as seen here , and here , and here ? Well guess what? I'm gonna do it again! While I was looking through Etsy for the perfect pillows to add to my growing collection, I came across these:

Which were all good, but then I came across this!

Dare I say that it kind of sort of reminds me of gold!!! Well, I'm sure if you've been keeping up you already know how I feel about G-O-L-D!!!

To test out how it would look with the other pillows I went to my large scarf collection to find one similar so that I could take a look. Well when I did that I realized that I'm secretly a genius (in my own mind) and that my scarf should BE the pillow, as in BECOME the pillow.

*As a side note: Once I had this little revelation about the soon to be scarf pillow you could practically hear the evil little "mua ha ha" coming from me. This tends to happen when I get super excited about something that isn't bad in any way, but similar to the creature from Lord of The Rings these little obsessions become "my precioussss" for at least a short time. Is it just me?!

**As another less creepy side note, you can find scarves in AMAZING colors and prints for next to nothing! And often they are made with whats on trend. Point being, what a great way to update your room on the cheap!

I took the scarf and 2 18"x18" down inserts to my AMAZING pillow maker and she worked her magic and added a zipper for me. Here are the lovely results.

Oh, AND I bought the inspiration pillow! I found it on clearance at Z Gallery for only $34.99. BAAAM! I'll show you that as soon as I DIY a couple of lamps today. "muah ha ha".  


  1. I am in LOVE with this pillow! ( I'm also in love with the sofa, blankets and surrounding pillows!) I love how the gold accents highlight the gold tones in your wood dining chairs and the wall

  2. Good snag on the Z Gallery pillow!

    Amy R.
    {plain & fancy living}

  3. Thanks Falon, the only bummer is that I also loved that scarf! LOL This is something I know I will do again.


  4. Amy, you might want to check them out because they had a few Ikat that were on clearance. They had some really nice brown and white ones that I loved! I noticed that often what's on clearance in the store isn't on line.