Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Working On The Darndest Things, Modern Medical Office

Good morning,

 I have a project for a medical center that has been under construction for about a month that's starting to come together, so I'm moving full speed ahead. Part of the challenge of each different design project is over coming the many obstacles that can present themselves, and this one is no different.

Color Scheme: Black, Grey, White, Blues *with some touches of wood.

I am in search of "heavy duty" "weight bearing" "tandem style" patient seating for a waiting room and 3 exam rooms. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, aparently it isn't as easy as it looks. Like everything else in design life, the good stuff don't come cheap! I meet with said client on Saturday, and I'm preparing that the high priced styles that I LOVE will be shot down so I'm also searching out lower priced options that still look good and have some swag. There lies the challenge.

Here's what we DON"T want (and what seems to be everywhere!)

-Outdated and sterile
-Traditional Medical Office Looking (in the bad way)
No aparent swag or defined awesomeness
-80s looking
-Expensive, WTF!

Here's what we DO want:

-Clearly cool looking
-More expensive :( (that's what we don't want)
-Modern style
-Lovin some chrome in there
-Non Medical Office Looking (in the traditional sense)

The idea here in case you missed it is to have something sleek and modern. This is the client's first "gorwn up" office, and they want something that they can be proud of. Anyone in the medical field knows the amount of work hours that are put in to their days so why not make it something special and something that you like?! The client feels that if they have to spend the money anyway they want it done right which is why they brought me in. I'm actually very excited about it now that I can see things coming together. I'll show you along the way.


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