Friday, March 23, 2012

The New Look Of The Cuban In My Coffee

Happy Friday!!!

In case you haven't been by, or maybe you just didn't notice The Cuban In My Coffee just got a shiny new make over!!!

Remember the post I did here about my new years resolutions??? Well I am making them happen one step at a time. It started when I read rave reviews from a fellow blogger who had herself a shiny new makeover from Kristin at Simply Klassic Blog Design . Since I am not very savvy with these sorts of things I went to her page and checked it out for myself.

If you're not already familiar with her, Simply Klassic Blog Design can take your blog and customize just about anything from your header, to your style, to your font and colors. She can add tabs and side bars to help make your blog easy to navigate. The results for me speak for themselves.

You can easily see Kristin's work on her blog where she has her projects listed.

Kristin was so wonderful in answering all my millions of questions and she made this process easy and fast! She delivered every thing that I wanted and was on the ball. Thank You Kristin for making one of my resolutions happen!

Things to expect and what she did for me:

I kind of winged it, and as a result had to scramble to figure out the patten, colors, font etc that I wanted. This was much harder than I originally planned or thought it would be, but Kristin worked with me and even helped me figure out a nice font and made my personal signature amazing. My advice is to have some kind of idea on what you are looking for. Be it a print, a color, a style, or what you are aiming to achieve with your blog etc etc, doing a wee bit of research will help you out.

Things you will find new on my blog are: Contact info, My Services, My Portfolio (which is the next step in my show you'all my work! More of that coming soon), My DIY Projects (so that you can give them a try for your self), Home Tour (so that you can finally see our house before, after the HGTV Color Splash Makeover, and now since I never quit making changes to our house, EVER!).

I hope the results are easy to navigate and more pleasing to your eyes. I also hope my mom who is NOT a blogger and who lives in Utah far far away from us can now easily see what pictures are actually our home, and what pictures are random ideas and inspirations.

Now go enjoy your weekend!

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