Monday, September 24, 2012

A New Season, A New Hue

Hello, and welcome back to me! I know that there was a lack of posting or being around in general last week. I'm sorry, and am back on track. There was a large undertaking here at the Perez house which included getting MANY projects done, but on the flip side burned me out. This is a new week.

Today I want to share with you some changes that happened in our master bedroom. You may remember my recent post about the Gossip Girl inspired room here ? Well, I went ahead and made many of those changes happen and loved most of them. The part that I didn't love however was the stenciled wall. It wasn't that the wall turned out bad, in fact it was beautiful and for the right space would be the main feature. It's more that I enjoy a very muted palette and would rather introduce color in my own home through accessories and prints and textures, and not necessarily through the color on my walls. It's a personal thing, and a lesson learned which by the way concluded in Mr. R. painting over the stenciled wall the very next morning! Hey, s&*t happens, and after the 7 hour lesson of I still don't like color on my own walls, I took a bit of a break on the ol house:)

The up side here, however is that I am loving the new changes in our room. A good friend of mine said that it's very "rock star", and that's a compliment I'll take.

Take a look at the new room with it's many colors, prints, textures and may I say fall-ish hue.

What I love most about the room is that it is a completely me project. In the details of this room I am able to squeeze in all the little treasures that I covet such as the Arteriors horn on my tv console and the amethyst candle votive. These are the little things at the end of the day that make me happy.

Some of the notable happenings in this room are:
- Ikea mirrored 3 drawer chests . They are amazing in person and are a very affordable alternative to the mirrored night stands that I wanted. I may customize mine with some chrome pulls one day, but for now the clean modern lines work well enough. If you've considered them I highly recommend them.
-Paint. Though you have to look hard, you will notice the wall behind our bed is in fact painted! It is a bit of a LOL moment that it is actually a grey similar to the white on the other walls and may in fact be a shade of white, but it actually warms up the wall just enough;)
-Art. I really went for it with the art that I chose. I have to thank MadeByGirl and her reference to the "Cougar Friends" print by Jessica Craig-Martin that you can find here. This really hit the spot for me because I tend to like photography as art, and I definitely like things that are a bit "off the beaten path" i.e. a little bit edgy and out there. I also like that the art here has a bit of a vintage feel to it, which paired well with our Vegas wedding picture. It all works and ties the room and colors together.
-Color and pattern. I definitely didn't color inside the lines. I went with what I liked and made it work. I still have my neutral palette going on, but it's amazing how adding a few pillows here and a throw blanket there along with some added texture can transform a room.
-Balance. The tv console area is actually one of my favorite parts to our room. The size of the tv was an accident by Mr. R. and was also on sale and NOT returnable. My solution here was to balance the wall and console with a bit of a gallery wall vignette. The result made an unfortunate mistake work. Sometimes you have to work around the eye sore in a room. My motto here is "if you can't beat em, join em" and that's exactly what I did.

It's possible that the art or the fuchsia pink thrown on the chaise are not for everyone (or every husband LOL), but that's the beauty in design. Certain rules are meant to be broken, and I think there is something said to thinking outside the box and instead of being concerned with trends or majority, instead be concerned with what makes you happy and you can't go wrong.

What do you think of my Gossip Girl inspired, jewel toned, possibly rock star-esque bedroom make over? Have you tried something out of the box in your own room just to find that it did or didn't work for you?


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