Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Random Inspiration, Jewel Toned and Glamerous

Good morning,

My design inspiration comes from many places. Recently I started watching Gossip Girl (yes you heard me correctly!). I have daughters who over the summer started a NETFLIX/ Gossip Girl marathon, and I found myself watching along. Crazy as it may sound, I LOVE IT (there, I said it)! There's never a lack of fashion, drama, and good looking guys not to mention the amazing homes of "New York's elite". One room in particular has become my favorite, and has sparked an obsession for my own bedroom. I love the mix of luxury, muted colors, artwork, and the patterned feature walls with a seemingly vintage feel.

Take a look at the inspiration room of Gossip Girl's Sarina Van Der Woodsen.

Now take a look at our current room.

Can you see the difference here? It's not that I don't like the way our room turned out, it's just that I want a change. Something more. More color, more volume, more luxury, more visual interest, MORE. With the summer closing soon and fall approaching, what better time to give our room a warm jewel toned update!

I also went through some magazines and came up with a plan to work with wha t'cha got, and simply pump it up with some added details. Think velvet, silk, jewel tones silver and gold.

Here are some of the additional inspirations. 

I plan to work with our existing bed and the Kivik chase lounge which are both a neutral silver grey, and then up the glam factor of the room through new mirrored night stands, lamps, pillows, blankets and draperies. I also plan to do a large dramatic feature wall behind my bed with an "all over" wall stencil and custom art. Here are some of the pieces to this puzzle. 

 Thanks to a reader comment I discovered the new AMAZING Ikea Malm 3 drawer chest. It's large, sparkly, has soft closing drawers and is worth every penny of its $299 price. It has a luxe foiled mirror finish keeping the price down a bit, but not skimping on the style. It definitely beat out it's competitors that I had been lusting over which were around $700-$800+ each! I LOVE this seemingly high end piece, keep em coming IKEA!

I also found the most amazing velvet curtains for only $70 a pair in $118" long from Ikea's new collection in a soft turquiose.

I'm still working out the color scheme for the stenciled accent wall  behind our bed, but here are some designs that I am toying with to bring in a bit of the "vintage" and to give you something to really talk about.

The one above is the top contender, but I am having a hard time narrowing down the color. I would love to hear any suggestions.

Here are some of the art pieces that I'm looking at, but I find that selecting art is one of the most difficult things EVER, and I can't seem to make up my mind.

 It should be noted that Mr. R does not like any of these so it could change, if he's lucky.

I'm keeping our all white duvet, pillows and sheets which I just can't part with (I'm convinced that this combo will make you sleep like a baby), but I'm thinking pillows and throw blankets with a little leopard, a little metallic, and a little jewel tones.

What do you think of the new jewel toned glamorous plan? Have you ever found inspiration from the most random places, and find yourself changing things up completely in a very un-you kind of way?

I'm thinking it happens to everyone, and I also think that's part of what makes life interesting. It's as the saying goes, "the only thing that's constant in life is change". How true are those words.

Happy inspiring Monday.....er, Tuesday everyone!


  1. I don't know if Mr. R. may love it, but I do! Think it will look great!

  2. Hey Vivian!!! Yes, the room will admittedly have some feminine under tones to it, but lucky for me Mr. R. is no stranger to being over ridden in this house LOL! Poor guy, but he goes with the flow and did say he likes the height of the new night stands because he can put his coffee on them without bending down!