Friday, September 7, 2012

Staging A Coffee Table

Happy Friday!!!

I've said before that staging is one of my favorite parts of any project or room. It's the part that makes a room feel finished and complete. Before you add the small touches, things can be a bit bare and sterile, but add the accessories and you usually add the life to a room.

I am constantly changing things around here at the Perez house, as some of you I'm sure see and read all the time. I find that by moving and shifting accessories around it can refresh an entire room and help you to fall for it all over again.

Today I want to demonstrate staging coffee tables. I'm often told that this is one of the hardest things for people so I hope to simplify the process, and make it fun. The best way to look at staging is that there is no right or wrong way, you simply have to move things around until it works for you. For me something is finished when it stops bothering the ol "stink eye". Don't get me wrong, I have to change things and then change them again, and also stand back and take it all in but that is part of the process. 

Here is how I staged our coffee table 4 different ways with items that I already own from around the house. I simply changed the objects and the formation, but kept the same basic components each time. 

Start with a blank slate. Clear everything away so you see the space in a new way. 

Next, pull all your accessories together and group them for easy access.

 Here was the start to my collection.

Now for the fun part! Start adding them one by one and subtract them if needed along the way. 

I always start with what I NEED first.

Trays- I like organization, and trays help with that by keeping things in their place such as remotes and coasters. I often layer a smaller tray inside a larger tray (since I'm crazy that way) for added organization not to mention style. They also help my easily scratchable table from getting destroyed by my ever "delicate" family. I have trays in every room of our house so it was easy to find an assortment of them.

Candles- It doesn't matter if I am entertaining or am simply at home with the family. I have candles everywhere, and I use them! I love the glow that they give and find that they set a cozy feeling to a room. I don't believe in candles for show.

Coffee table books- I have a ton of design books and magazines. I'd rather display them so that I can look through them freely and rotate them as the months progress. They are also a great way to add color to a room.

Flowers- I don't have fresh flowers all the time, but I do have potted orchids year round which can last a few months at a time. I love bringing living and organic things inside so I will have some form of plants and flowers year round.

Coasters- It's just a personal preference, but I hate drink circles not to mention the havoc they can play on your furniture. I keep a stack around and also have them on our night stands.

Accessories- I have tons! I rotate them, and stash the rest of them for a later time when they will one day come back in to rotation. I've learned to hold on to these things because something old can become new again if used differently.

I usually stage the table in segments of 3 or 4, but this isn't a rule. This is more a way of making things feel organized which is important for me since I don't like clutter. If this doesn't work for you, it's ok. There are no definite rules here so simply play around until things work for you! That's how I do it.

Here is the same table, staged 4 ways. 

Table 1: Black And White And Chic

In this table you will see that I segmented it into 4 sections. I have a tray for the remotes and drinks, and added similar accessories in groups such as the white vase and the stacked jewelry boxes. The colors and items are all a bit similar in color and tone which makes the table interesting and chic. 

Table 2: Minimal And Sleek

This table is segmented in to a grouping of 3. I kept it minimal and clean with a black faux croc tray that blends in with the table and placed an adorable blue chevron mini tray inside to add to the pops of blue that are uniform in this setting. A few simple silver rimmed hurricanes and some silver globes are all that was needed to dress things up in this minimal and sleek setting.

Special thanks to Keila and Jamie at Furbish Studio for the gifted blue mini chevron tray!  Furbish Studio is one of my favorite places to find rare accessories, pillows and furnishings. They also have the most amazing blog called I Suwannee that is just jam packed with eye candy and inspiration for days!!! If you haven't checked them out already, make sure you visit Furbish Studio.

Table 3: Coastal Elegance

This table incorporates some beach accents such as the weathered wood tray and the coral as well as the round bark that encases the candle in a large vase. When mixed with the beautiful silver candle pillars and the glass bubble globe as well as the silver tray and silver leaf coasters it is the perfect mix casual coastal elegance.

Table 4: Simple And Clean

In this setting I used the larger silver leaf tray and placed the other two segments outside. By adding the manzanita branch with the gold jewel box and the gold colored design book we have a simple gold and silver theme. I filled a clear vase with white decorator's sand and added a white candle. There are very simple elements on this very simple table, and the overall effect is clean and easy on the eyes. 

Some take away points when staging a coffee table is to not over think things. Play around with your table adding and subtracting things as you go along. I find that segmenting the coffee table keeps things feeling organized and uncluttered even if you have a table full to the brim with goodies. Don't forget practicality and how you will use your coffee table. Lastly, when things begin to feel a bit stale switch them up and start all over again with your blank slate using things that you may have all around your own home. 

What do you think? Are any of these tables your favorite? Do you have a "way" that you stage your coffee table that makes it an un-daunting process for you?


  1. Thanks B! It was more of a pull out what you have and see how it looks kind of post. I'm glad you liked it.