Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Fashion To Decor Show Down

Happy Monday!

Now that I was able to put away Halloween and all that goes along with it, I'm shifting gears to what's next. That change of seasons excitement is the part of me that grew up in Utah, and even though I've lived in San Francisco then Miami for going on 10 years now I don't think I will ever shake the feeling and anticipation for the changing seasons.

Fashion and home decor to me are synonymous as they are both influenced by trends that go along with the changes in weather and life style. For me it's as exciting to change out the colors in my home as it is to break out the new must haves in fashion so it makes sense that just as I am trying to find ways to style my home on a budget, I do the same with my wardrobe. I always mix high and low pieces through my outfits and accessories and do the same thing with the furniture and accessories that go in to our home or the projects I work on. There's no shame in this game!

Today I want to share with you how the change of seasons can influence both fashion and decor through one very inspiring outfit.

Fashion To Decor Show Down

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

I absolutely love the burgandy, blood red, maroon or what ever shade you want to call it jeans this season. I actually bought the VERY flattering pair that I posted about from Target and can't tell you enough how comfortable and adorable they are and for under $30 bucks! You don't have to revamp your entire wardrobe to get with the changes, simply remixing what you have and adding a few things here and there will go a long way. I always save on the trends and splurge on the classics such as bags or shoes.

I'm also loving jewel tones in home decor especially this time of year, and will definitely be mixing in some warm colors here at the Perez house which is a change from my typical black and white all over. That is the fun part about holiday decor, it doesn't stay around for long. If color isn't your thing then bring in this season with the juicy textures that go along with the Mongolian lamb pillows, or curl up on your Souk rug from West Elm and have a cup of coffee. Which ever the case, changing your decor seasonally doesn't just mean bringing in pumpkins and gourds, but making things cozy...even if you live in sunny Florida!

 I've been loving that Souk rug since West Elm came out with it, though I don't think it will be mine any time soon so I'll just have to keep on wishin. What do you think of this fashion to decor show down? Is there anything you are coveting this fall that you just can't wait to get your grubby little paws on?


  1. Hey Whitney!
    I love your color selections. I am inspired by your simple ideas to change up the colors in my home for the Fall/Winter season. I'm definately going to be on the hunt for some burgandy, blood red, and maroon throws and pillows!!! Thanks for the great ideas!!!!

  2. Hey JOJO!!!!! Glad it inspired you. Miss you, hope you're coming to visit soon????