Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Project Sneak Peek, Another Beautiful Drift Wood Mirror

Good morning,

I have recently been working with a prior client who has a LOVE of all things drift wood. So much so that I tell her on a consistent basis "walk away from the drift wood". Ha! It's become our joke.

Needless to say it makes sense that she wanted her very own DIY drift wood mirror like the one I made for my guest bathroom as seen here.

I couldn't pass up a chance to showcase such an amazing mirror in her beautiful home, and for someone who would cherish it so much so we bought our drift wood again from Etsy (darn the lack of drift wood here in South Florida!). I reused an old Ikea mirror that I had and  re-hacked the DIY drift wood mirror again. See it with the tutorial  here . It isn't an extremely difficult project, it just takes time (about 8 hours!) and patience to glue wood piece after wood piece keeping shape, form and style in mind along the way sort of like a puzzle which is a challenge when working with wood pieces. The results however are worth the time and energy needed to make this baby, and really for around $100 in materials you just can't go wrong!

We hung the finished trophy mirror above a console which leads to her family room and back yard. Things are still being staged and the curtains here are not hung so I'll show you the full sha bang soon, but trust me when I tell you this DIY drift wood mirror has found its place in a beautiful home.

Take a look at the finished DIY drift wood mirror. 


The lighting was terrible and I snapped these photos with my phone as I was leaving so they really don't do it any justice. I'll get better pictures for you next time, but I'll wait until the curtains are up.  I also can't wait to reveal more of the amazing project for an amazing client so stay tuned.


  1. Thanks Kristen, I hope to give you better pictures of it :/ it really is more amazing in person.