Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm Looking For A Bar For The Home

Good morning, I am in search of a bar. Not that I want to go to a bar, it's only 11am after all. I'm looking for the at home kind that I can dress up for a client to later get liquored up, er entertain with.

Whether you want an at home bar for your self, or are gearing up for the soon to be here holidays having an at home bar is a great way to entertain and keep things organized and well planned. I always like to dress up my West Elm tray table as a bar and I place it in a location that guests can help themselves instead of waiting for me to wait on them, Ha! That's just too much work. In this case my dining room, right next to the table.

I've been on the hunt for just the right size and style for this client, and am leaning towards the West Elm Parsons Buffet which I'm thinking about hanging shelves above it for added style.  It's a smaller scale which I need. FYI both West Elm and Cb2 tend to have smaller scale pieces if you're looking. I also have my eye on a few other styles though so I'll update you when we're decided.

The truth is there are many ways to have a bar in your own home. You can go large if you have the space with a full blown built out, you could go with a piece of furniture that gives added storage and style such as a buffet, or you could go with a simple bar cart or tray stand that gives you the flexibility of moving your party on wheels to where ever you need!

Take a look at some of these amazing at home "bars" and see for yourself how this SHOULD be something every entertainer has in their home.

When entertaining and considering your own at home bar you should consider a few things. 

1- You want to enjoy your own party. If you have a place set up where people can help themselves then you don't spend unwanted time getting things for your guests. Just be sure to point them in the right direction when they get there. 
2- It's nice to have a place for your at home bar and drink area that's away from the food. It keeps the traffic down, and helps the party flow. 
3- You don't have to have a fully stocked bar to have your own at home bar. Keep a few essentials like red and white wine, minimal liquor such as vodka and scotch, and your basic juices and mixers should do the trick. Most people don't expect a full bar unless it is stated on the invite.
4- Don't forget to keep your glasses or drink ware close at hand or at least let people know where that is. 
5- If you have small children (or children at all) remember  that many at home bars are available with a lock to keep thins secure and out of reach.
6- Lastly I like to further organize my bar by placing a tray on it with napkins, stirring sticks and straws to help your guests out.

What do you think? Do you have an at home bar at your house, or is it just not your thing?


  1. Look forward to seeing which one you end up getting <3

    I love the idea but would never work for us. I hate dusting, and we don't really drink much anyway. Besides... it would not last... MrB's nephew is a monster and would knock everything down :((((


  2. Hi B, LOL about the nephew. We have one of those little terrors also. I didn't think about the dusting:/ I also have 2 large cradenzas in our foyer which is where I regularly store that stuff so it's closed and dust free.