Thursday, November 15, 2012

Project Sneak Peek, A Little Progress

Good morning,

As promised I wanted give you a glimpse at my project that I will lovingly refer to as the Modern Man Cave. The good thing about working with a complete bachelor is that I had one thing to work around which was his much loved TV console from Pottery Barn and that was literally it! Ha! Starting from scratch is always the best.

Take a look at where the project started.

As you can see I needed to take the "cave" part out of  the man cave. There's a right way to make that happen. Step 1 was to tackle the ceiling and lighting. Step 2 is building out the stair case for the loft. Step 2.5 is the kitchen build out. Step 3 is to make the space something to be proud of.

Here is where things are looking with the ceiling construction and lighting in progress.

It's amazing what taking out the wood ceiling alone did for the space, don't you think?!!!

My goal is to bring in a cool industrial vibe, and to give this small space as much seating as possible. Things like a well executed sectional, extra chairs, playing with scale and the right color scheme will surely do the job and at least make things functional so that if you were a young bachelor you could actually entertain in your place and people would actually have a place to sit;) This is something I could not say when I started. 

Take a look again at a couple of the mood boards.


If things go according to schedule the kitchen should be progressing along next week. I'm excited to show you more of what we have planned there.

What do you think of the Modern Man Cave? It's pretty impressive for this young medical student to be making his place such a cool home. I have to say, I REALLY hope more men do this and I would love the chance to help them make it happen. More to come.

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