Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guest Bathroom Budget Reno... In Progress

Hey there!

I'm still on vacation but wanted to do a quick post about the progress in my guest bathroom. We made it on ikea hackers again for the amazing drift wood mirror. Make sure you go check it out on Ikeahackers here. You might remember the original post and tutorial that I previously posted on my blog here.

We are still in the middle of hacking the Ikea Birkland dresser as seen here:
and the goal was to mix it with this chandelier that we found on Overstock.com for only $119.99:
and a drift wood mirror that I decided to DIY since all the really good ones I found came with realllly big price tags and weren't exactly what i was looking for in size or shape. Here was my original inspirational photo :

and an extra long white shower curtain from Target that looks something like this:

Well so far so good. The only hold up to make this mini bathroom reno finished is finding a vanity top in marble cut to fit my vanity. It turns out that most companies sell the whole marble slab for kitchens etc so my teeny tiny piece is like the needle in the hay stack and basically will come by chance. I'm still looking but if anyone can suggest to me where I can find this baby PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Here's how my bathroom is looking currently:

We also put in new travertine floors with the rest of the house and a new toilette. I'll show you the tutorial for the bathroom vanilty once finished, and will need some art and accessories to spoof this baby up but so far so good.

Not too bad for a bathroom that went from this:
To this:

What do you think????


  1. Beautiful! The mirror is much bigger than I thought--love it! And I've been eyeing that chandy on Overstock for a while now. It looks really nice in the pictures, do you like it?

  2. Hi Melz, I do love it and the price too! It's fabulous in person and people complement it all the time. You have to hang each crystal on it but it's not that bad. I'm thinking of getting 2 more for my new master bathroom too.