Thursday, July 12, 2012

Floor Mirror Vs Floating Mirror In The Foyer

Good morning,

I am a big fan of making every detail in your space count. This starts the minute you enter your home. I am talking about your foyer. You don't need a large space to create an entry, you simply have to designate whatever space you have as your foyer and style it accordingly.

Two ways that you can do this are by adding a large floor mirror behind the console table or by adding a floating mirror on the wall above the table. Mirrors expand any space they are in making it feel large and grand. Whether you have a large entry way to dress up or a small space with only enough room for a shelf you can create something special as the first impression to your home.

For one of my current projects that I'll call "Coastal Chic" we are doing just that. There is an 81"
wall that is the perfect staging ground for this beautiful reclaimed wood console table and this glamorous black lacquer floor mirror.

The mirror stands at an impressive 87" tall x 48 1/2" wide, and the console stands at 71" wide. This is going to REALLY establish the entry way to this home. Once we add some polish and shine through candles and accessories and perhaps throw in a beautiful orchid and table lamps this entry is going to shine. I can't wait to show you!

Here are a few foyers with large floor mirrors behind the console table.

Another way to make an impression in your foyer is through a hanging mirror above your table (such as what I have in my own home). Whether you hang one mirror or a series of them, this is an equally scene stealing way to let your space shine.

Take a look at some of these foyers with hanging mirrors above the console.

(The one above is my home:)
Which do you prefer? A large floor mirror leaning behind your console table, or a mirrors hung above the entry table? 

Either way I think one thing is clear, don't forget that your foyer is the first impression to your home and shouldn't be overlooked. This is your opportunity to create a "wow" moment right when you walk through the door.


  1. All of these pics just make me want to redo my entry way. I personally like hanging mirrors.

  2. Look forward to seeing the final result!!!

    Wish we had some wall space for something like this in our foyer :(