Friday, July 6, 2012

Project Sneak Peek: The Logo Round 2

Good morning, Happy late 4th of July!

We spent our 4th at the beach with my mom in town and I have been busy and on vacation mode. I won't officially be back until this coming up week, however I wanted to share a little something with you in the mean time.

We finally had the logo installed in my Modern Office project last week, and it turned out amazing! We have been waiting for this logo FOREVER because we actually used the client's true logo the first time only to find out that it did no justice to the beautiful office design. That happens sometimes, and it's just something that you have to go with and work around.

Here is the lobby of my Modern Office project with the new stainless steel logo.

And here it was before with the acrylic logo in color. Though it didn't look bad necessarily, it certainly wasn't as upscale and clean as the space that it was in. By changing the logo to the silver stainless steel finish with the cut out letters it transformed their existing logo to something with a bit more edge, which is what this entire project has been about.

This project is finally getting close to finish. I am simply missing some art work, a few more accessories and some additional electric work and it will be a completed space. I love that this is a modern design that has an organic feel to it, and that it doesn't scream out "medical office".

What do you think? Do you prefer the new and improved stainless steel logo to the in color logo?  Do you agree that it dresses up their logo and makes is a more sophisticated look?

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